Monday, March 30, 2015

Goodbye Hoosiers, Goodbye

Remember the character "Granny" in Clint Eastwood's The Outlaw Josie Wales ? Her best line in the movie was, 'I never thought much of Hoosiers either.'

Sadly prophetic of Indiana's successful quest to make the down-the-rabbit-hole North Carolina state legislature look like the paradigm of reason; Indiana SB101 aka 'The Sanctify My Irrational Hate and Give Me That Old-Time Religion Act'.

Economic boycotts of offending states is the preferred tool of the United States of America, soon followed by blowing people to bits if that doesn't work. I'm opting only for the former path of action (I neither have the inclination or the means to blow anyone to bits).

So, The NCAA with national headquarters in the state, Nestle (cranking out a mountain of Nesquick and CoffeeMate in HoosierTown) and Vera Bradley (the eye-wrenching bags that no one can miss), you're off my list of vendors from whom I'll buy.

I checked this out with Rand, Jeb, Ted, Marco, Sean, Brisk Limpbisket, and Krauthammer the Impaler - they all said no need to punish business for the bigotry and stupid meanness of others. Buy. Spend. (Hey, me and my pals got stock!).

So not buying until Indiana relents must be the ethical thing to do.


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