Saturday, March 21, 2015

FockxsNews wants Bilas

51 seconds left in a 2 score UAlbany - Oklahoma  game Oklahoma player drives the baseline from the right corner. Official positioned just outside the left baseline block has an unobstructed view of the driver as he steps out of bounds. Official is either dead, in a comma or has dozed off, no call. And that's after watching less than 30 seconds of that game.

J. Bilas, ESPN's new Senior Officials Apologist Person, also known as the 'softSOAPer' says no call was the right call. Bilas commented, "Why interrupt a nice drive and TV moment just because the player committed a rules infraction?" Reliable sources report that Bilas will leave ESPN to head a FoxNews sports-only schedule of shows. Fockx believes that his uncanny and new-found ability to distort reality and not believe his own lyin' eyes will bring their new, fair and balanced sports shows in line with their 'Blame-Stream'  propaganda products.

While Bilas can dunk on Hannity at will, it maybe a while before he will be able to lie, obfuscate and deny like the wily veteran.

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