Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Five month old grand-daughter Mabel has completed her bracket in the family pool. Mom put post-its with the name of each pairing on her high-chair tray table and whichever Mabes touched first was deemed the winner of that game.

Miss Mae had Albany and SMU among the final four. I like it. The-longest-of-shots New York team and Larry Brown. That's great stuff.

And, no lie, she has Kentucky winning it all.

The tournament is an amazing event but is never an end that justifies academic fraud as a means. I wonder what the NCAA will make of the more than $300,000.00 North Carolina will pay to settle the wrongful dismissal suit filed by the most ethical person on the campus. I suspect the shoveling has already begun.

Watch the games if you're a fan of college basketball or a professional gambler but be fully aware of what you are seeing.

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