Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Kevin Long gave a fair assessment of Robinson Cano when he said that Cano did not always run out routine ground balls. 

Seattle manager Lloyd McClendon was also correct in his suggestion that Long would better serve his current employer if he would just shut the hell up.

Brian Cashman added that he was surprised at Long’s comments.

Joe Girardi, the Yankee manager (remember him) and Cano's day-to-day boss, apparently never saw Cano's jogs out of the box on routine ground balls as a particularly big deal -  while omniscient Yankee fans filled the comment sections of several sports feeds with the typical irrational rants, drivel and opinions presented as facts - without supporting evidence - that we have grown to expect from partisan fans everywhere, but especially from New York.

According to the overwhelming reaction of Yankee fans, Cano was the laziest player who ever wore pinstripes. He gave up at least 20 doubles a year because of his failure to ever run out of the box. He was a fielder who lacked hustle, giving away runs with casual play, a man who betrayed New York for a few score millions of dollars.

Thank God he’s gone, they say. The Yankees will be a better team without him – someone who could never aspire to be the ‘face of the Yankees’.

Well good luck with that.

Long will likely have little time to further comment on anyone given what he has to work with this year - and he might be looking for work by the end of the season.

It is fortunate the Yankees have superior speed in center and left. They’ll need it with the infield defense they’ll be putting on the diamond – without arguably the best 2nd baseman in the AL.

With an infield that includes two rehabs, one retread and a never was, I’m waiting for the Dog Days to see if Derek Jeter can be a 40 year old Mr. Marvelous (that would be nice), if Mark Teixeira can learn to hit for a respectable average (are you listening, Kevin), if Brian Roberts is still playing, period, and if I Don’t Know is their secret answer at third.

One thing is certain. Yankee fans will remain the loudest, crudest and most annoying blowhards (in spite of the best efforts of Red Sox bleaters everywhere).

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