Friday, February 07, 2014


##  Who are the two most watched people in Sports? The answer is Derek Jeter and Masahiro Tanaka. Even though spring training hasn't officially started yet, Jeter has been working out at one of the Yankee facilities in Tampa, where he's being followed around by reporters. We're being told how many ground balls he's fielding, including where he's standing in the infield, how many swings he takes in batting practice, to where he's hitting the ball. We know pretty much everything he's doing except how long he's in the shower afterwards (I lied - it's 10 minutes).
Tanaka is not even in the United States yet, but the reporters are getting ready. They knew when he got his visa and when he plans on flying to the U.S. The TSA didn't pay this much attention to Putin, when he visited. But then, Tanaka had a better season.

##  A baseball signed by Babe Ruth garnered $250,000 at an auction recently. That's more than I paid for my last two houses, with enough left over to cover my first car. Apparently, it's the ball Ruth signed for an ailing 11 year-old that he promised to hit a homer for. The buyer has asked to remain anonymous. Probably doesn't want his wife to find out. That ought to be an interesting conversation: "You paid how much? For a baseball? And it's how old? Are you crazy? You take it back."

##  The prognosticators are in rare form. The Yanks are being picked to finish anywhere from 1st to 4th in their division, depending on who you read. The biggest problem is the infield. Can Teixeira's wrist hold up, will Brian Roberts make it to April 15th before he gets hurt, can Jeter still play shortstop effectively and most scouts think if Kelly Johnson gets hot, he might hit .210?  And Tanaka? Well, predictions on him range from, he might end up in the bullpen to what hat he will wear to the Hall of Fame.

##   #1 Syracuse plays Clemson on Sunday. Clemson's record is 15-6, but they beat Duke by 13 points earlier this year.

##  AJ Burnett has decided he wants to play one more year. Pittsburgh and Baltimore are interested. After coming so close in 2012 and then falling off last year, you'd think the Orioles would make a big push over the winter and signs some big names, but instead they have been silent. Burnett isn't the answer.

Headline on ESPN: "Passenger tries to hijack plane heading to Sochi" No truth to the rumor that it was one of the Olympic athletes who had heard about the brown water and the lack of toilet paper. Actually, it's the toilet paper that's brown and there is no water.

I need help with some of the new events. For example, what is slopestyle? Is Women's Moguls an event of part of the ladies uniform?

"Shaun White has withdrawn from the Winter Olympics' slopestyle event. This after he realized he had no idea what it was."  -- Brad Dickson
"The Canadian Curling teams have passed their PED tests in Sochi. However, they all tested positive for Molsons."  -- TC Chong
"But you have to give it to Putin. Who else could come up with a city in Russia that needs to have man-made snow in winter?"  -- Janice Hough
"Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez have been voted into the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame. Clemens was presented a book, “Misremembering for Dummies” and Pedro received a “Don Zimmer” punching bag."  -- TC Chong
"Nineteen-year-old Canadian tennis sensation Eugenie Bouchard said she'd like to date Justin Bieber. Note to Eugenie: This is no time to start losing at love."  -- RJ Currie
"How intimidating was the Seahawks’ defense on Sunday? Even Joe Namath had to release his pregame coin flip early."  -- Dwight Perry
"The authorities seized $21.6 million of counterfeit merchandise before this year’s Super Bowl: “Dear Gullible Consumer: That cut-rate T-shirt you bought with Broncos spelled with a ‘k’ — it might be a fake."  -- Greg Cote
"A man bit off part of his brother’s right ear during a fight at a Super Bowl party in Rochester, N.Y. That’s what they get for serving Tyson chicken wings."  -- Bill Littlejohn
"John Elway says the Broncos ‘came up short’ in the Super Bowl. And in a non-related story, the Titanic may have had a leak."  -- Tim Hunter
"Forty-three years ago — on Feb. 6, 1971 — astronaut Alan Shepard hit the first golf ball on the moon. No truth to the rumor that Gerald Ford was the one who put it there."  -- Dwight Perry



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