Monday, February 24, 2014



Unlike Dick Vitale, when Jay Bilas works an ACC basketball game he generally makes an insightful comment or two. Not tonight.

Bilas commented that SU Coach Jim Boeheim was wondering what kind of game would be called in the Orange’s game at Maryland given his riveting head-explosion at the wholly incompetent calls in Saturdays game at Duke.

Bilas continued that, “Even Oliver Stone couldn’t make up a fantasy that good”, if Boeheim thought that the officials might be in “get even mode”. 

Maryland shot 27 FTs. 

SU 6.

Bilas, a four year starter at Duke and an assistant coach for three years under Krzyzewski,  should know, better than most, that in the ACC truth is always stranger than fiction.


The Miami Dolphins player’s union rep said that if an investigation similar to the one conducted into the Dolphins bullying fiasco was conducted into the operations of every other NFL franchise, the results would be the same.

If true, the NFL is thoroughly rotten at the core.

If not true, Denny, the Dolphins’ rep, is thoroughly rotten at the core.

Nice choice.

No mas!

I need a break from NFL murderers, wife beaters, bigots, cheating coaches,  head hunting bounties, primping and pompous soon to be rookies, and ESPN's incessant, ex-player-talking-head apologists. 

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