Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vod, No Doubt

As an ambivalent Yankee fan - support most of the players, "Stick", the television broadcast crews, but not the ownership - it's hard to get bent out of shape about a season as bizarre as this one. So, much to the enjoyment of rabid Yankee fans everywhere, I have had little to say and, I believe, Picasner has said everything that needed to be said (and, as always, much that needn't. Mainly kidding. Sot of. Well, at least a little.) Long story short (LT always cringes when she hears that phrase), Chad and Annie are currently touring the country and are unable to post to the blog and have obliquely suggested I pick up some of the slack. Another Picasner blunder.

Remember, this was not my idea.

The current Yankees are so laid back that the only guys on the bus demonstrating any life or spark are Joe Girardi and Alex. Joe is at least willing to raise his voice from time to time to umpires (and Buck Showalter). Given the spate of incredibly horrendous calls his team endured during the middle third of the season,  I would have alibied Joe had he used a flame-thrower on any of the umpires  who clearly enjoyed sticking it to the Yanks forced to play with a Triple A roster. 

A-Rod has been gutsy, albeit a narcissist, just showing up and has played a better third base than any other guy the Yankees ran out there. MLB (aka slimy owners and Selig and his little troupe of scamps) laid down a 211 game suspension mainly because A-Rod played the same game they are so skilled in - behaving like a weasel and using money to hide the truth. 

The American Pickers, Mike and Frank, are more aggressive haggling over the price of a vintage coffee can than the rest of our esteemed $200,000,000 team. Oops, soon to be a paltry $189,000,000. Speaking of Oops, I just noticed that Chad is back online and still sipping the Wild Card Kool-Aid. Very sad and I'm still going to finish this post.

Every time a Yankee stepped into the batters box in a Red Sox game I thought of that great 50's television show 'The Hit Parade'. When asked what the pitching staff has done about this fiasco I always think of the Frank Zappa song 'Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!'  Giselle MacKenzie  (If you don't get the reference, Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo Giselle) would have taken care of  those chicken-shit bearded rednecks had she pitched an inning. (I apologize to any rednecks I many have just offended by linking them to the 2013 Yankees.) 

In conclusion, and I am as happy as you are that this post and this season will end soon, this is a team with too many 'small y'  Yankees. They don't have a Mr. October and he wouldn't be playing if they did. They have a Mr. November and, sadly, he might be ready to play by then. The Sandman has lost much of his magic and it has always been Magic that defined the greatest Yankee teams. The Magic of Ruth and Gehrig, of Dimaggio, Berra, Don Larsen, Maris, Mantle, Pettitte and Jeter. The Magic is gone. 

I do not mourn for Yankee fans. It's time for them to walk a mile in Cub cleats.

I do mourn for baseball. Without great New York magicians, it is less of a game. 

Peace, love, public education and health care for all,

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