Sunday, September 15, 2013


We're still looking for America - currently in California. What are the odds they keep America here?

Day ten: Oregon roads "sing" to you. The only way to communicate with Annie-O, is to write her notes. Hard to do and steer at the same time.

Day eleven: Road signs can be very interesting.
Weed - San Francisco. Very helpful - if that's what you're looking for'
Umalatta  -  A town? A sandwich? A body part?
A farmer advertising his crop: Cron (sp?) for sale  This was written on three consecutive signs
My personal favorite - an actual route sign in Michigan - Turn sideways at Columbia (Huh?)

Day twelve: Lassen National Park. We never saw a Male employee in this park.

Day thirteen: Toured a Jelly Belly factory today. The guide asked us if we knew what they did with the candy that fell on the floor. I said, "That's where you get the samples you've been feeding us." I didn't get a response, just a dirty look.

Day fourteen: We're visiting my sister-in-law in Ventura. We went out to dinner and I managed to wrestle her to the ground for the check. Of course, she is 80 years old.

Day fifteen: we're suffering from gas price sticker shock. After paying as little as $3.47/gal and averaging about $3.69/gal in most of the country, California prices are all over $4.00. On top of which, they advertise $4.03/gal, which automatically goes up 10 cents or more if you use a credit card.

I see the Yankees are losing games (two in a row to the hated Red Sox) and players - Jeter's out for the season, Gardner's out for the season and A-Rod can hit but he can't run - as opposed to Cano, who can hit but WON'T run.

The Dodgers got beat 19-3 last night. My sister-in-law, a rabid Dodger fan, made us wear black this morning and light a votive candle in church.

"Dennis Rodman is helping to coach the North Korean basketball team: “He’s going to teach them the key strategy that always worked for him: pass the ball to Michael Jordan."  -- Jimmy Fallon
"The NFL fined Packers linebacker Clay Matthews $15,000 for a late hit on 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick last Sunday. Or as Matthews prefers to call it, Kaepernick’s latest tattoo."  -- Dwight Perry
"Jets say they were planning to give Mark Sanchez season-ending surgery even if he wasn’t hurt."  --
"ESPN says they have obtained a photo of Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel signing for autograph broker Drew Tieman this January. Gosh if this is authentic and the NCAA had seen it, Manziel might have been suspended for three whole quarters."  -- Janice Hough
"Ottawa police said in the first week of September thieves stole eight stop signs and 19 signs overall. Acting on a tip from the Yankees, they arrested Buck Showalter."  -- RJ Currie


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