Monday, September 09, 2013


I've been having a problem getting onto the site, but I've finally gotten thru. Not without some difficulty.
I was sent a verification number  over my cell phone. Annie-O asked me if it was a call or a text message, I said, "No, it was an oral message. A woman read me a number." Annie-O said, "Let me get this straight, It was an ORAL message and it was from a woman?" I haven't figured out how to answer that yet.

I'm glad I'm missing the sports since Sept. 1st. The Yankee pitchers can't pitch and the Yankees are heading down the path that means an early end of the season for them. A-Rod looks better than he has in two years, but it appears that MLB is going to end his career at the end of this season. If he misses just all of next season, I doubt he'll ever be an effective player again. Sabathia will never be an overpowering pitcher again and Jeter, well, his career looks like it may be done also. For all their brave talk, superstars will always follow the money, so I doubt that Cano will be back next year.

Since I'm not up on the sportsworld lately, I thought I'd tell you how our trip is going.

Day one: Delays of an hour at the two border crossings. I didn't help any. When the officer at the American side, asked where we were going, I said Battle Creek, Michigan. He said, "What's in Battle Creek?" I said, "Uh...cereal?" Apparently that wasn't the right answer.

Day two:  Had dinner in a Ruby Tuesday's. Our waitress spoke so softly, it was like being waited on by a mime.

Day three: Driving through Nebraska, there were signs for museums everywhere for just about everything, I guess the state motto is, "We're nothing now, but look at what we were."

Days four, five and six: Can't seem to adjust to the new time zones. We're getting up so early, that we may be starting the next day before the last one is over with. Can someone tell us what day it is?

Day seven: The hell with day seven. Every diary you read these days, has a day seven, so we don't need one more.

Day eight: A visit to Glacier National Park. At least, that's what they told us. Between the tall trees , heavy brush, rain and fog, we didn't get to see much. The pictures in the brochure were nice though,  

 Day eight: Driving day. We keep seeing signs saying, "Watch out for wildlife." The only 'wildlife' we've seen is a woman in hot pants leaving a casino in Kalispell, Montana.

Happy Vacation.


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