Monday, September 23, 2013


Day nineteen: In Amarillo Texas. Everything's big in Texas - the prime rib steaks and the desk clerks.

Day twenty: I know who Steve Owens is. The townspeople don't.

Day twenty one: The guide at Fantastic Caverns informs us that Illinois is known as the Cave State. This confirms my theory that Illinois is hollow.

Day twenty two: Saw a sign in Indiana that said "Report Drunk Drivers - Call ****"
We called about one we saw in Montana. They didn't seem interested.

Day twenty three: In Canonsburg, PA., south of Pittsburgh, our last night in a motel. Annie-O tried to make a reservation at Sarris Candies, but they wouldn't trust her there alone overnight.

Home tomorrow.

## We missed the celebration for Mariano Rivera. I read he gave autographed baseballs to some of his former teammates. Is it true that he tossed one to Posada, who promptly dropped it?

As of today, The Yankees are the only team in the majors with a winning record and a negative run differential. Explain that one, Vod.

The Yanks have shut down Sabathia for the season supposedly because of a hamstring issue. It wouldn't have anything to do with assuring him of a winning record, would it?

The one-game wild card game between Cincinnati & Pittsburgh may be the most hotly contested game of the year. Bring the popcorn, beer and a pillow, folks, it may be a long one.

Home tomorrow and back to the routine.


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