Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Day sixteen: We're ready to continue our search for  America - but the van isn't. Loud grinding from the front end. Sears says our rotors need to be turned. Two and a half hours and $200 later, we're off again.

Day seventeen: In the motel - "Sorry, Annie, the clock is on my side of the bed."  "Oh, that's okay. I never use it anyway. The only time I look at the clock is to get the time."   ?????

Day eighteen: Ever been through a Border Patrol Inspection Station? Four burly guys and a German shepherd around my car. I expected the usual 'Where were you born? question. Nope! "Are you both U.S. citizens?"  Did I panic? "Oswego,,  ...Um...My country 'tis of thee..."
Luckily, they laughed - I didn't.

I see the Yanks broke their 4-game losing streak. It doesn't look good for them, but it was a good fight.

I read where John Farrell of the Red Sox, is the favorite for Manager-of-the-Year in the American League. He's done a good job, but he does have all the horses this year. Joe Girardi has to be running away with the award this year. He's had to play a Triple A team that hasn't even played as good as a Triple A team, and they're still in it with a week and a half to go. Am I the only one that sees this?

I'm too tired to research all the quotes. Maybe in a couple of days.


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