Sunday, March 24, 2013


Officials anoint Indiana's Cody Zeller the He Who Must Not Be Touched White Boy of the 2013 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament!

Fran Dunphy sodomized on national television.

Kenny Smith exacerbates global warming blowing hot air at half time.

Announcers indicted for perjury after claiming all fouls called against Temple were actually fouls.

Florida Gulf Coast actually fun to watch. Everyone else is boring.

In other news...

Notre Dame uniforms hailed as breakthrough by LGBT community. Lime green stockings create big buzz and shelf bra cut tops (look carefully if you didn't notice) are both pretty and practical.

Hockey game breaks out at NASCAR Fontana California Race. Hamlin - Logano Feud Continues with Last Lap Crash and Fat Tony Goes Berserk (Again) Throwing Punches in Pits.  Details at

Dwight Perry Denies Fascists Making Inroads at Seattle Time. Is He Telling Truth?  More to follow.

Bill Maher says Roman Catholic Church and his show are alike - both are just a bunch of men sitting around making up new rules on the fly.

"China is becoming more like the West in very visible ways - Starbucks, Hooters, cellphones that are cooler than ours, and the West is becoming more like China in less visible ones - torture, warrantless wiretapping, indefinite detention." - Naomi Klein

What can't be fixed by a little dose of Facebook, YouTube, Chad Picasner at Large or cable television?

Sleep well, acolytes.

- Vod Kanockers

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