Sunday, March 24, 2013


## Why do the referees allow Cincinnati Bearcats coach, Tommy Tuberville, to stand ON the court the whole game? Why do they let him wander up and down the sideline, well beyond the "coaches box? Even the Cincy assistant coaches have given up trying to rope him back in.

## Can someone explain the difference between a blocking foul and a charge?  And while you're at it, explain it to the refs, too. Even the broadcast teams are split. "Oh yeah, that's definitely a charge." "Good call, that's a blocking foul." "Wow, that could go either way." What's even harder to understand, is why does a ref standing at half court sometimes make the call?

## If the networks are really trying hard to make the teams more personal, because they want the viewers to be involved, why don't they show some of the cheers and antics the cheerleaders use to excite the crowd?

## At least once every game, an announcer will say, "So-and-so had a great season and deserves to be here," but they never explain how Liberty, at  15-20 was so deserving.

## Why do analysts always describe a play in detail that we've just witnessed in person? Do they think they're doing radio broadcasts?

## Why do refs spend 3 or 4 long minutes looking at a monitor to "adjust" the clock? They usually add 2, 3 or sometimes 4 tenths of a second. It amounts to an additional timeout, which we need like another five minutes of Charles Barkley. If it's the last play of a close game, I could understand it, but not if one team has an 18 point lead and it's midway through the first half.

## Speaking of timeouts, Each team gets 5 of them, which rarely get used in the first half. And then there are the Media Timeouts. The networks want them at various times during the broadcast, which have NOTHING to do with the actual game timeouts. And they will call them regardless of what's going on in the game. I have seen numerous occasions when the teams come out of one of their timeouts (which last about 2 minutes), only to have a Media Timeout called after one play. ONE PLAY.
Luckily, you can quickly change channels to another game, hoping you happen to catch some actual basketball. That's called hoisting the networks on their own petard. (and what is a petard, anyway?)

## The network likes to emphasize all the upsets that take place during the tournament, stressing the parity in college basketball, only to have announcers say during the actual game, that they don't know why a certain team was seeded so low. Can't have it both ways, guys. Besides, 18 of the 40 games so far, have resulted in teams winning by 15 points or more. That comes to about 48% of the games qualify as easy wins, if not blowouts.

##Finally, the games are fun to watch, mostly because the players are so excited and try so hard, regardless of the score. Plus, there's always a chance a coach will have apoplexy on the sidelines.  ...and Jim Boeheim won't be one of them.

"Robert Morris upset the No. 1 Wildcats in the opening round of the NIT. It's the worst day in Kentucky since they cracked Colonel Sanders' recipe."  -- RJ Currie
"I’m pretty sure there are no perfect brackets left in America, because the guy who had Harvard AND Florida Gulf Coast could not get out of the institution long enough to submit it. Hell, he couldn’t even get out of the strait jacket."  -- Janice Hough's friend M. D.
 "Iowa State upset Notre Dame tonight. At least those who have their brackets further busted can take some consolation in the fact that we won’t have to see those lime-green uniform monstrosities anymore."  -- Janice Hough
"I love the name March Madness. I'm glad the PC police haven't made us change March Madness to 'early spring psychosis.' "  -- Craig Ferguson
"San Marino's losing streak reached 51 games after an 8-0 shellacking from England last week in a World Cup qualifying match. "San Marino soccer," in case you're wondering, is Spanish for "Washington Generals."  -- Dwight Perry
"In the NCAA Tournament, VCU beat Akron by 46 points. You know the game is out of control when a team cuts down the nets before halftime"  -- Brad Dickson
" In Illinois, a golfer fell into an 18-ft. sinkhole on the 14th hole. Being true golfers, as soon as they finished their round, his playing partners told somebody"  -- Brad Dickson
"Selection Sunday in college basketball this weekend. Hundreds of D-1 athletes all with the same dream. To miss as much school as possible."  -- Alan Ray
 "NBA Miami vs Cleveland last night: A fan runs onto the court wearing a shirt that said “Come back in 2014 LeBron”  The guy was quickly escorted off the floor by fans wearing apparel that bore names such as “Police” and “Security”.  -- TC Chong



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