Thursday, March 14, 2013


##  Syracuse found the range last night, so they are able to play at least one more game in the Big East. Brandon Triche hit a three pointer from the top of the key, which excited (and relieved) him so much, he actually pumped a fist while running back down the court. Boeheim immediately gave him a tranquilizer.
Speaking of Boeheim, is there a more low-key interview on the planet? I think if a reporter delayed slightly in asking a question, Boeheim would fall asleep. Well, he is almost 69. Naps are imperative at that age.
[Bad thought: he's younger than me.]

## More and more baseball analysts are predicting doom for the 2013 Yankees. Everything starts with pitching and the Yanks seem to have good, if not aged, pitching, so I believe they will be decent, but certainly not the force they usually are. One writer brought up a good point. The Yankees have already learned that their tickets are overpriced. Overpriced to the point that there are a lot of empty seats, especially in the 'premium' areas. It's going to be hard to fill them without a quality product on the field. Hal Steinbrenner may force the team to get under the salary cap, but will it be at the cost of stadium income?

Back in the winter of 1976, George Steinbrenner and his 'baseball people' had a disagreement over the emphasis of their efforts to sign a free agent slugger. The staff, especially Billy Martin, wanted to go after Joe Rudi, a right-handed outfielder from Oakland. George wanted Reggie Jackson. They told him, Reggie couldn't field. "No matter," said George. He doesn't throw well. "Don't care." He's not a team player. "We're signing him." Finally, they asked why was George so adamant. "He'll put fannies in the seats", he said. A fact no one could argue with. I think Hal has forgotten what Daddy taught everybody 37 years ago.

## Kobe Bryant got hurt last night. After shooting a jump shot, he landed on the foot of a defender, turning his ankle. Afterwards, Kobe said it's up to the refs to "...Protect the shooter. They are very vulnerable when they shoot and they need to be protected."  This from a guy who, a few years ago, had to be told to quit throwing his arm out after shooting a jump shot and hitting defenders in the face. He claimed it was his "natural" shot, even though he had only done it for about three games and not every time. I guess there's danger on both sides when Kobe is involved.

## Who is the most envied man in sports these days? My vote goes to Billy Crystal. He emcees sports shows. He's been on ESPN so often, he has his own parking space. He does SportsCenter's Top Ten...his way. He's made a movie about Roger Maris. He was a golfing buddy of Mickey Mantle and he could call Mohammed Ali his friend. And...he got to have an at bat in a New York Yankee spring training game wearing the pinstripes.        I hate him.

"Stephen Strasburg will be the opening day starter for the Washington Nationals, however, in order to preserve his arm, he will be limited to throwing out the ceremonial first pitch."  --   Norman Chad
"Kobe Bryant has sprained his ankle and is out indefinitely. Can’t wait to hear Dwight Howard tell him to play through the pain."  -- Janice Hough
"A brawl broke out at a New Hampshire senior center during a bingo game. This is when you know we’re becoming an angry nation -- an 85-year-old has a 90-year-old in a headlock screaming, “You used two free spaces!”  -- Brad Dickson
"Minnesota Twins’ catcher Joe Mauer and his wife are expecting twins. You have to admire a player who goes to that effort just for his team’s promotional department."  -- Brad Dickson
"Horsemeat was found in some products at Taco Bell. Which explains Taco Bell's new slogan, 'You can lead a horse to Taco Bell. We will take it from there'"  -- Conan O'Brien
"Cook County Supervisors added an extra one-dollar tax on cigarettes Friday, making cigarettes eleven dollars a pack in Chicago. The world has officially gone mad. Leave it to Democrats to tax cigarettes until they're so expensive it makes crack cost-effective.-- Alex Kaseberg
"The U.S. Postal Service is now selling a line of their clothing. I ordered one of the jackets and it got lost in the mail."  -- RJ Currie

"The World Baseball Classic has begun. No matter what language is spoken on the field, the game has an enduring universal truth. The umping really sucks."  -- Alan Ray


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