Sunday, March 31, 2013


## The Syracuse Orange have made the Final Four. In fact, they look like the best team in the tournament right now. They haven't just won their games, they are overwhelming teams. The announcers sure do like Michael Carter-Williams, but Digger Phelps is right: C.J. Fair is the key to Syracuse's run.

## Maybe they've been there and the networks haven't shown them, but do other teams have that many alumnae show up for their games? There are at least 5 former players sitting in the stands for the Orange, in fact, Derrick Coleman ended up right down on the floor celebrating the win over Marquette. Say what you want about Jim Boeheim, but you can't buy that kind of loyalty.

## Did I hear right? Dorothy Hamil is out of Dancing With The Stars, and Andy Dick is still in? There's another bracket that's busted on me.

## The, New Your Yankees open the season on Monday against the Red Sox. Can't tell the players with out a scorecard, folks. If I hear that Horace Clark is starting at 2nd base, I'm turning off the TV.  Not that we needed any more proof, but the Yanks ended up with the Major League worst record in spring training - 9-20, the only team that didn't win at least 13 games. I can hardly wait.

## Time for my annual predictions.  I'm in top form, which you would realize if you saw my NCAA bracket.

Tampa Bay
New York

Two many retreads and question marks for Toronto. Tampa has professional players and will find a way. The Yanks could win 94 games...or only 78. Who knows? Boston has suspect pitching. Baltimore had everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, go their way last year. I don't believe Showalter has enough magic left to do it again.

Detroit (Of course)

But Cleveland will be interesting.

The Angels
I think Texas will have a tough time keeping up with Oakland

Los Angeles

Keep your money in your pocket.

"The Nebraska beach volleyball season is already over. I guess it took ’em two weeks to figure out we don’t have a beach."  -- Brad Dickson
"Scientists claim more physically beautiful athletes tend to develop better skills than their less-attractive contemporaries. So how do you explain Ndamukong Suh?"  -- RJ Currie
"This is the weekend we go from the Sweet 16 to the Final Four. Of course, I'm talking about the Cadbury eggs in our house."  -- Comedy writer Tim Hunter

 "Vernon Wells unsure how he'll fit in with aging, overpaid Yankees."  --
 "Hear about Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner waking up in a cold sweat the other morning?
Dreams involving the words "disabled-list luxury tax" will do that to a guy."  -- Dwight Perry
"Due to all the upsets in the NCAA tournament, the average office bracket will be won by Helena, the company accountant from Switzerland who thinks a free throw is worth four points."  -- Brad Dickson
"A North Carolina company has a dog IQ test for $60. The first sign your dog is smarter than you? If you spend $60 on a dog IQ test.”  -- Alex Kaseberg
"The Cowboys just gave Tony Romo a six year $108 million deal. Wow. Well, at least Dallas won’t have to find additional room in their budget for Super Bowl rings."  -- Janice Hough



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