Saturday, August 04, 2012


You may not believe this but, according to the most recent data, Picasner has become a lousy wingman. 

Fortyeight yeas ago Picasner was my trusted wingman, or I his. We had reserved bar seats in Bucklands Bar and Grill in Oswego. Road trips anywhere, anytime - in anyone's car, legal or not - he was there.  An original member of The Chad Picasner Trio. The subsequent inheritor of that hallowed name. Not any more.

Our 50th high school reunion begins August 17th with a Friday night happy hour. Always had Picasner on my wing on Friday's. But apparently that won't be the case on the 17th. He still stamping his feet and refuses to go. 

Today, at lunch, he used the feeble excuse that the administrator of the reunion web site hasn't posted an old picture he sent in nor has he received an acknowledging email.  He claims to have sent the picture twice so the neglect is 'seriously' bad. Once again, Chad, 'Waah, waah!' 

Where's you're loyalty? Toughness? You're courage to go where no man has gone before? Chad, where is your heart! 

I am greatly disappointed and saddened to know that if Picasner denies this request to once again assume the mantle of Captain Wingman, we are doomed to irrelevant lives of old age, eternal bitterness for East Siders, and just no fun at all.

Think about that, Chad. Old-cootness may be closer than you think.

Meanwhile, if anyone is really thinking a whole lot about baseball in general, or the Yankees specifically...

Paul O'Neill has learned to talk about more than roast beef sandwiches and pie. He has become an interesting and funny commentator. Way to go Paulie.

LT  sat down to watch an inning or two in the top of the 3rd tonight  and commented that CC looked good in his new pajamas. The Great Laundry Bag is back, baby.

In Boston, they're not so patiently waiting for the NFL season. 

In New York, they're not so patiently waiting for A-rod. 

Girardi flipped Derek Jeter and  Curtis  Granderson in the batting order. Joe apparently wants to get the strike outs over before, rather than after,  Jeter gets on base. Now get Ichiro Suzuki out of the eighth spot. I know. You can switch Ichiro with Granderson and then flip Jeter and Ichiro whenever the two think it's a good move for the team. 

I'm pleased for the fans that the Yankees are doing well, in spite of the Steinbrenners the Younger, the sons-in-law carpet baggers, Cashman, and the rest of the Round (under the)Table wheelers and dealers. It helps the mood in the city and keeps Michael Kay's notorious and dangerously large head off the streets. 

And, to weigh in on the hottest topics of the day:

The Olympics - it's a circus, plus the opportunity for failure. High praise to Bob Costas' make-up artist for creating the new Dick Clark.

Tim Tebow - it's a circus, plus the opportunity for failure - and a possible crucifixion. 

Mitt Romney's taxes - is a man stupid enough to allow his taxes to become an issue in a presidential campaign smart enough to be, well, the President? I'm going to ask George Bush.

Bobby Valentine in Boston -  it's a circus, plus the opportunity for failure. (My, what a popular answer!)  Bobby and the Red Sox are already taking advantage of that opportunity. 

In closing, play golf, ride motorcycles, drive fast, take chances, and never, ever betray Captain Wingman. 


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