Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Yanks lose again
Valverde did everything he could, but the Yanks couldn't pull it out. You can't really call Detroit's Valverde a closer. He 'finishes' the games, but he doesn't close anybody down.  This can't be too good for Jim Leland's heart. Luckily, Valverde got to face Granderson to get the last out. It wouldn'st surprise me if he pitched around 4 or 5 guys to get to him, even if it meant giving up a couple of runs. At least, that's the way it looked.
Vod asked about the over/under, Jeter hits vs Grandy strikeouts. Here's the math: Granderson is on a pace to end up with 200 strikeouts, while Jeter's pace gives him 212 hits. If you're a betting man, I'd still put my money on Grandy.
Okay, so he's not the A-Rod of old, but it seems to me that the rest of the Yanks are being pitched a little differently since he went on the DL. I just think his reputation still carries a little weight, even if the skills aren't as prevalent anymore.
Speaking of the lineup, it's gotta be time for a change. Move Ichiro up to second and Granderson down to 6th or 7th. He'd still breakup rallies down there, but at least Cano and Teixeira will get to hit with men on base and less than two outs.

I'm not buying it
Barry Bonds said in an interview that he belongs in the Hall of Fame, "...without a doubt." Sorry Barry, but there are doubts. They're called the 'creme' and the 'clear.'  Remember?

It's not so bad
When Ryan Dempster was handed his hat in his first start after coming to the American League from the Cubs, there was a lot of talk that coming to the AL was a mistake. He achieved some redemption Tuesday, when he shut down the Red Sox on 6 hits and 3 unearned runs in 6+ innings. On the other hand, who hasn't shut down the Red Sox this season.  The Sox ace left-hander, Jon Lester, took the loss. He's now 5-10 for the year.

And the Olympics continue
The Olympics are never without their little controversies. So far, we've had 9 athletes test positive before the opening ceremonies, a Chinese swimmer performed so well, that a lot of suspicions were raised (nothing came of it), two badminton teams were disqualified for attempting to throw their matches, US gymnast Aly Raisman needed her coach to file an inquiry (the polite way to say 'protest') to earn a tie for the Bronze in the individual balance beam and a race walker was disqualified for doping. A race walker, for heaven's sake. How does a PED help you walk?
I am amazed at how they took an event like diving and turned it into 5 differnt events. Individual diving, team diving, platform diving, springboard diving and synchronized diving. It seems they're trying eveything they can to make it exciting. If you want excitement, why not throw a couple of sharks in the pool? "Yeah, they won the event, John. Too bad they can't be here to receive their medals."
The Beach Bikini Compet...oops, sorry... Beach Volleyball competition has it's gold medal game  tomorrow.  I understand it features two American teams, a lot of sequins and very little spandex.

"I think we're a playoff team and I think we're going to be there before the season is over." He'd be right if you separate the word 'playoff,' because their play has been off all season. For the record, they are one game under .500, 9 games out of first, and  four and a half games behind in the wild card race with five teams above them.

"Minor-league manager Joe Mikulik had a meltdown and passed third base to a man in the stands. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed getting past first base."  -- RJ Currie
"Former left fielder Jose Canseco has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Or as he prefers to call it, an E-7."  -- Dwight Perry
"Random Olympic thought. The “Fastest Man in the World” would still end up as lunch for a pack of cheetahs."  -- Janice Hough
"Table Tennis and Badminton are official Olympic sports. Ladies and gentlemen, we are about eight years away from seeing a gold medal awarded in lawn darts."  -- Brad Dickson


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