Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Sometimes the blogs just write themselves:

## The Princeton Review has released it's annual list of the  "Best Party Schools."  This year's winner is West Virginia University in Morgantown, WVA. This is a good choice. I've been to Morgantown.  It already looks like the aftermath of a really good party.

## I see Curt Schilling is no longer out of work. He's back on ESPN as an analyst. I guess the idea to add him to the cast of a sit-com didn't work. Maybe it was just the new name they didn't like: "Two Broke Girls and Curt."

## Roger Clemens has signed to  pitch for the Sugar Land Skeeters in the Atlantic League. This is a punchline for which no set up is needed.

## Bartolo Colon has been suspended for 50 games for testing positive for testosterone, joining Melky Cabrera. This is no evidence that both have applied to the University of West Virginia.

## Phil Hughes is pitching for the Yanks against the Chicago White Sox tonight. According to ESPN, he has tried four or five different pitching patterns this year. Unfortunately all them have included giving up a lot of home runs.

## MLB has banned Juan Nunez from all clubhouses. This is the associate of Melky Cabrera who was responsible for the fake website. What great timing. In a related story, an order for Melky Cabrera T-Shirts has been cancelled. No word on the  Juan Nunez T-Shirt order.

## I'm not a big fan of Jim Bowden, former Major League General Manager, who writes for ESPN. This quote is one of the reasons. "Clemens is a Skeeter not a cheater but no longer has the heater that will light up the radar meter."  He's as good a poet as he was a General Manager.

"The next Summer Olympics are in Rio, where beach volleyball players are considered overdressed."  -- Brad Dickson
"Cornerback Antonio Cromartie says he's the second-best receiver on the Jets after Santonio Holmes. Isn't that like saying after Goliath, you're the second-best Philistine?"  -- RJ Currie
"The NHL seems at serious risk of a cancelled season because of labor strife. Dear hockey: Most of America barely likes you as is. Don't press your luck."  -- Greg Cote
"Yankee pitcher Michael Pineda got busted for DUI in Tampa, Fla., early Monday morning. So how long before some wiseacre bar in Boston starts serving Pineda Coladas?"  -- Dwight Perry
"Red Sox players went to ownership trying to get manager Bobby Valentine fired:  So this is where Dwight Howard's been for the last four months — in Boston?"  -- Mike Bianchi
"Tim Tebow had a rough night in the preseason game against the Giants. He was intercepted three times while warming up on the sidelines."  -- Brad Dickson
"The Boston Red Sox, 11th in the AL in ERA, have fired pitching coach, Bob McClure. Maybe they need to bring back the beer and fried chicken."  -- Janice Hough


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