Saturday, August 11, 2012


In spite of the supposed advanced medical knowledge that exists today, more and more teams are suffering from the injury bug. Check out the latest:
San Diego closer Houston Street on the 15-day DL with a strained quad
Ranger catcher Mike Napoli with a strained quad (obviously, "A brother from another mother")
Red Sox rookie phenom Will Middlebrook broke his wrist when he was hit by a pitch
And finally, CC Sabathia is on the 15-day DL with tightness in his elbow.
And that's just in the last two days. Whatever they're doing, they're making it worse.

They won the game 5-2, and they only needed one home run, but it was enough. Fortunately for New York, Toronto has had so many injuries this year, They basically fielded a Triple-A team. Luckily, the Blue Jays have names on the backs of their uniforms, or manager John Farrell would have been yelling, "Hey you! Yeah, you on 1st base!" all day.  As it was, he carried the roster around with him in the dugout. Pitcher Aaron Laffey last 5+ innings. Farrell would have pulled him sooner, but he couldn't find the name of a reliever soon enough.
What's good for the Yankees is that their bench players are performing, whereas  Boston's subs are not, nor are Toronto's replacements. We'll see how many times the Yanks can replace injured players and stay on top. They've lost their ace reliever and now their ace starter. It should be interesting.

I thought I heard thunder a minute ago, but it was just home plate umpire Jim Joyce punching out another batter.

A couple of months ago, Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton was a sure-fire triple crown winner, leading the AL in Average, Homers and RBIs. Now, he's in a batting slump, can't hang onto his bat when he swings and has chewing tobacco addiction. A different kind of triple crown, and not a good one.

Have you noticed that we haven't seen Nomar Garciapara on ESPN lately, gracing us with his analysis of baseball. Maybe this is one of the reasons. On May 12th, 3 months ago, Nomar announced on "Baseball Between The Lines," that New York has no chance to make the playoffs because Mariano Rivera is done for the year. Currently NY leads the AL East by 6 games. Good call, Nomar.

As I write this, I read that the Yanks are completing a deal for Derek Lowe as a stop gap while Sabathia is out. The Yanks said he will pitch out of the bullpen, which to me, means David Phelps will be starting on Monday. 

"The NASA rover Curiosity successfully touched down on Mars. It was followed by two Tim Tebow passes."  -- RJ Currie
"Anyone else who used to watch Jackie Gleason reruns think that synchronized swimming is basically the June Taylor dancers going to Sea World?"  -- Janice Hough
"The first photos are being sent back by the Mars rover Curiosity. Talk about ubiquitous. In one, you can see Bob Costas reporting on the Olympics."  -- Brad Dickson "The Cowboys have apparently talked to Plaxico Burress’s agent about signing the free-agent wide receiver. Could be a good fit – Dallas has a strong quarterback, a winning tradition, and loose gun laws."  -- Janice Hough
"It was not a good Olympics for the USA men’s boxing team in London. Our 184-pounder was TKO’d by Camilla Parker-Bowles."  -- Brad Dickson



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