Thursday, January 15, 2015

Not Sure How I Really Feel

Sandy Dunn is p-o'ed at me for ripping on d-Bag J. Jones and the Cowpies. 

All of the Buffalo (the feckball team, not the revered animal) fans in the family are annoyed because I referred to Rex as a blowhard - a name he has richly earned and deserves. 

Nephew Brian will be ticked because no one else on this side of the MIssissippi River cares who that team in San Francisco hires. 

So, to be all inclusive... it takes a damaged mind, low self-esteem and a complete disregard for any redeeming quality of human existence to be a fan of any team in the most misogynistic, exploitive, wholly owned by tax-dodging, old white guys sports league in the known universe - the NFL, or as it insists on being referred to - the National Feckball (spelled to protect the faint of heart and sissy pants everywhere) League. 

Every Sunday (didn't that day used to be the sabbath in a popular religion?) watch grown men (mostly minorities) beat each other into concussed oblivion, sustain terrible injury and life long neurological trauma. 

Now that's entertainment!

Z. Vod

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