Thursday, January 01, 2015


...well, for some.

A few Major League teams aren't too happy, the Orioles for one. They lost two big hitters and haven't made any moves to compensate. The Tigers need to break the bank for Scherzer in order to salvage their off-season. And the Mets can't seem to attract any big names. The Yankees made enough small moves to just keep their name in the papers, even though sportswriters keep putting them in the mix for Scherzer.
The college bowl promoters must be happy, having come up with some good games since they managed to match teams of the same caliber, such as 6-7 teams against other 6-7 teams, and 7-5 vs. 7-5. You don't really notice how bad a team is when their opponent is just as bad.

Now we can look forward to the professional football playoffs: the NFL play on Saturday and Sunday and the College professionals play today. The premier game is on at 8:30, pitting Alabama against Ohio State. Yeah, Alabama's Nick Saban vs Urban Meyer from Ohio St.  That's like matching Frank & Jesse James in in a gunfight. One of them has to lose and we can celebrate that.

TCU won 42-3 last night and will begin hollering that they should have been one of the 'Big Four.'  We'll also be hearing the same lament from either Michigan St. or Baylor tomorrow. Nobody will be happy until they have a 64-team playoff and even then, #65 will be bitching.

Syracuse won big against Cornell last night, mostly because Cornell couldn't hit 3-point shots, medium range jumpers and dunks. Dunks? They couldn't hit dunks? They blew three of them in the first half.  Syracuse shot well, 48% from the field and played 12 men, not all at once but it seemed like that at times. I think Boeheim also played two ushers and a maintenance man, but they were held scoreless. It was interesting to find out that the players call the seat on the bench next to Boeheim, "The Death Chair." It must be pretty bad, since I saw an armed guard standing back of it for most of the night. Check it out at noon on Saturday against Vermont.

I see North Carolina is taking drastic action to correct their academic fraud violations. They are attempting to fire a senior professor, have accepted the resignation of another lecturer and dismissed a counselor. Six other campus employees are having their activities reviewed for possible terminations also. The players? Well...nothing, at least during the season. The Tar Heels are 10-3, after all.Their reputation doesn't seem to have suffered. The #7 high school player in the country just signed a commitment with them. Maybe it was the promise of an easy course load.

"How social media can make you feel really out of touch. The #1 trending story on FB this morning is “Giada De Laurentiis announces divorce.” And my #1 reaction was “Who?” - Janice Hough
When I heard about it, "Who?" was NOT my reaction.

Ndamukong Suh appealed his one game suspension for stepping on Aaron Rogers ankle - twice - and won. He was fined $70,000 instead. Word is, he 'just happened to have that much on him."  That'll teach him.

No baseball news of any major consequence.

"The Interview”? Where were the North Korean hackers when we really needed them — when ESPN was filming “The Decision”?  -- Dwight Perry
"The thawing of U.S.-Cuban relations continues. Today they released one of our prisoners, and in return we sent back one of their shortstops."  -- Jimmy Fallon
"All of the people on the planet surprised that the Jets fired Rex Ryan will be huddling in the back seat of a Smart car."  -- Brad Dickson
"Russian economy is tanking. It’s gotten so bad that today Vladimir Putin had to pawn his stolen Super Bowl ring."  -- David Letterman
"Police in Buffalo arrested Ole Miss recruit Chad Kelly after Kelly allegedly punched a bar bouncer, fought with police and said he’d open fire on the club with an AK-47.  Guess recruiting gurus weren’t kidding when they called him a triple-threat quarterback."  -- Dwight Perry
"Derek Jeter’s magic lives!  Penn State kicker Sam Ficken — assigned the just-retired legend’s Yankee Stadium locker for last Saturday’s Pinstripe Bowl — booted the game-winning PAT, snapping a 30-30 tie with Boston College in overtime."  -- Dwight Perry
"Then-No. 25 Michigan State was upset by Texas Southern in basketball. Big Ten teams have lost to Texas Southern, Incarnate Word and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The only thing left is to lose to a driving school."  -- Brad Dickson
"My response to ESPN asking “Who'd you rather be: Johnny Manziel or Aaron Rodgers?” Manziel may “show you the money," but Rodgers can show you Olivia Munn. Nuff said."  -- RJ Currie
"More than 100 people gathered in Times Square today for the eighth annual Good Riddance Day. Where attendees used a shredder and mallet to get rid of bad memories. Wonder how many showed up with NY Giants and Jets stuff?"  -- Janice Hough


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