Sunday, January 11, 2015


By now, everyone knows the new inductees: Craig Biggio, John Smoltz, Pedro Martinez and "The Big Unit," Randy Johnson. The first time Annie-O heard Johnson's nickname, she misheard it and asked me why they called him "The Big Eunuch."  It took me a while to stop laughing long enough to correct her.
I have no problem with the choices but I personally do not like Pedro Martinez. I thought he was a dirty player who liked to hit guys for fun and the intimidation was no small factor in his success. It didn't help his reputation to throw a 72-year old Yankee coach to the ground during a little Yankee-Red Sox dust up. If you think that that was enough to keep him out of the Hall, then you'd also have to eliminate Ty Cobb and Bob Gibson, two of the many who were also famous for using intimidation as a means of success. So, congratulations to the newest members.

The 100 greatest ballplayers
ESPN recently ran an article naming the 100 best players of all time. Not many surprises and PEDs were ignored in their choices. Some facts that turned up that were kind of interesting. Frankie Frisch, "The Fordham Flash," was #88.  He was a switch-hitter who hit cross-handed when batting right handed. Robin Roberts (#80) in a 4-year period, 1952-1955, pitched 118 complete games, almost 30 a year. He totaled an average of 329 innings and managed to win 118 games while doing it. That would keep your bullpen rested. Frank Robinson was #20 and it was noted that he was a fierce competitor. I would agree with that assessment since after he retired he got a job managing the Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs. I went to Syracuse to see him manage his first game. After the Chiefs made out in the bottom of the first, Robinson left the 3rd base coaches box and on his way to the dugout, he stopped to chat with the home plate umpire. After 20 seconds or so, Robbie had been ejected. Well that didn't take long.  By the way, #1 was, you guessed it, Babe Ruth. (Okay, okay, Jeter was #31

The Yankees signed Stephen Drew to a one year contract for $5 million, which, based on last year, was $6 million more than he was worth. He must be holding someone hostage somewhere.

Guess who is getting a second interview as head coach for the Buffalo Bills? None other than Rex Ryan. What, there isn't enough misery in Buffalo? He may be the only head coach hung in effigy during his  interview.

Trivia question:
Who was the only player to play for Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta, was never traded and was never a free agent? E-mail with your guess or click on the comments section at the bottom of this post with your answer.

"Seven members of the Memphis Grizzlies were questionable for a game earlier this season due to the stomach flu. This was the first sporting event where the longest restroom line was inside a team's locker room."  -- Brad Dickson
"The NY Knicks have now lost 15 in a row. At this point the team would be underdogs against the Washington Generals."  -- Janice Hough
"Some news stories come complete with their own punchline:Dartmouth suspended 64 students for cheating — in a sports-ethics class."  -- Dwight Perry
"TV cameras caught corpulent New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie hugging Jerry Jones during Sunday’s playoff game: “It was right after Jones said, “Let’s get some hot wings.’”  -- Conan O'Brien
"During an interview with 85 year old Hall of Fame coach Don Shula, he referred to Patriots head coach Bill Belichick as “Belli-Cheat”. Let’s hope for Shula’s sake that he has escorts when he gets into an elevator anywhere in New England this weekend."  -- Tony Chong
"Lions serial stomper Ndamukong Suh said “I’m at a loss for words” immediately after Sunday’s 24-20 playoff loss to the Cowboys. Now he’s claiming his mind must’ve gone numb."  -- Dwight Perry
"NY Jets RB Chris Johnson was arrested last night in Orlando and charged with open carry of a firearm. This may not be what the Jets had in mind for having higher caliber players in the offseason."  -- Janice Hough
"The 76ers have suspended Andrei Kirilenko for not reporting to the team after his Dec. 11 trade from Brooklyn.  What, did they just now notice he was missing?"  -- Dwight Perry
"The Chicago Bears have reportedly passed on hiring Rex Ryan. Sure, with Jay Cutler, the Bears are already at their emotional baggage cap."  -- Brad Dickson
"Florida QB Jameis Winston said their playoff loss to Oregon "could have went either way.” Really? A 39-point deficit? Sounds like Winston went the other way heading to math class."  -- RJ Currie


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