Sunday, June 29, 2014


** Do you think...
...we watched two good pitchers go after each other night last in Yankee Stadium, or did we see two teams who couldn't hit a lick? Let's take the high road and say it was two good pitchers.

** Did you notice...
...that umpires don't move when they call a pitch a ball, benignly throw up the right hand on a strike call, but pump both hands like they're fighting off an attacker when it's strike three? I'm sure the hitters love being shown up.

** Do you still believe...
...that catchers "fool" umpires by moving the glove into the strike zone when they catch a pitch (announcers like to call it "framing") and then hold it there? I didn't see it work all night.

** Did you see...
...Tanaka pitch a beautiful game and then in the ninth with two outs, shake off McCann twice and then throw the pitch he wanted - which, unfortunately, turned out to be the same pitch Napoli wanted?  Boom! 2-1 Red Sox. 

** Do you understand... you can lose the final match in your group and still make the next round in the World Cup? It can happen in soccer.

** Did you see...
...all the pushing, shoving, elbowing, kicking, blocking, tripping and, yes, even biting that goes on in a soccer game? So you can't use your hands, big deal. New York city muggers aren't this brutal.

** How do you feel about...
.. the "Liar, liar pants on fire" theory? Before you decide, think about Luis Suarez who bit a player in a World Cup match. First he said the opponent shoved his shoulder into his mouth and then elbowed him, so Suarez immediately fell to the ground and held his head. Now he's saying,  "After the impact… I lost my balance, making my body unstable and falling on top of my opponent."  Oh, and the bite? What bite? Professional athletes do and say stupid things, but they also seem to think we're even stupider.
** Would you say the answer is...
...duh? Headline on ESPN: "Cashman looking for pitching."  Sure he is. So is everybody else. But it will have to be by the trading route, because there aren't any free agents running around and here is where the fun begins for Brian: He's in a poker game without any chips. The whole Yankee farm system has not borne any fruit of late and the few prospects they have are suspect. Your money is no help when there is nothing to buy.
** Does anybody know...
...what's happening in Miami?  The Big Three, Wade, Bosh and James, have all opted out of their contracts, just 4 short of their planned 5 or 6 championships. Are they looking for bigger money contracts? Making salary cap space so Miami can sign some other big name stars? Or are they just tired of playing with the other two guys? I'm tired of reading about it and I'm not looking forward to this summer's "Lebron: Decision #2."
** Have you noticed...
...that when hitters strike out, looking or swinging, they all stare at the pitcher as they walk back to the dugout?  What are they looking for?  A celebration? A smirk? Sympathy? Can't be anything good.

"The quarterback son of LSU coach Les Miles will not attend LSU and may be leaning toward Michigan. How embarrassed is Les Miles that he couldn’t impress this recruit’s mom?"  -- Brad Dickson
"The Marlins tied a record with their 13th consecutive interleague win. A reminder that only Guinness keeps track of more obscure records than baseball does."  -- Greg Cote
"Hey, at least the Knicks’ second pick in the second round, Thanasis Antetokounmpo, will never have to buy a vowel."  -- Mike Lupica
"The Angels’ Mike Trout belted a Jason Vargas fastball 489 feet Friday night. Well, duh: Everyone knows you can only get Trout with a hook or a sinker."  -- Dwight Perry
"Soccer fans from Japan picked up litter in their section after losing a World Cup match to Ivory Coast. Because they’re soccer fans, on their way to the garbage can they overturned six cars."  -- Brad Dickson
"When he was asked what he said to home plate umpire Quinn Wolcott  to get himself ejected, catcher A.J.  Pierzynski said, "Give me a new ball. One you can see."  -- Interview by Anthony Castrovicne os MLB.Com.
"I’m not saying I don’t like Dan Snyder’s chances of keeping the Redskins nickname, but he just got a vote of support from Donald Sterling."  -- RJ Curry
"Apparently Wimbledon is enforcing the all white clothing rule so tightly this year and some women players have had to remove their colored undergarments and go braless. Is this too much tradition, or a shameless grab for television ratings?"  -- Janice Hough
"Infield shift, graveyard shift: Yankees-Red Sox this weekend, three games in late June, are all night games, including an 8:10 Sunday job for ESPN dough. Think Bud Selig would buy tickets to a Sunday game from which he would arrive home Monday morning?"  -- Phil Mushnick



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