Sunday, June 08, 2014


Perhaps Vod is right. It probably wasn't a "rumor," more like a joke that circulated in the late 50's. Cruel perhaps, and obviously untrue and meant to be a poke at at the full-time athletes, called "students," that attended major universities. I am, and was, aware of the mis-treatment endured by the black students and student-athletes that went on. The joke had absolutely nothing to do with race. The fact that Jim Brown and Rashad McCants are black was not the focus of my comments. The special treatment athletes got back in the 50's and extending to this day was the idea of the comment.

Understand that while I try to comment on the sometimes ridiculous actions of sports figures in a humorous manner and I do sometimes "rant," NEVER have my comments been racially motivated. I am insulted when that is suggested. A couple of weeks ago, Vod wrote a little piece kidding me about my advanced age. I thought it was hilarious. You can poke fun at people but, you should also laugh when the finger is pointed at you. I can.

That, Vod, is what is called having a sense of humor.  I suppose if I concentrated my comments on the "self-righteous bigots in Texas," I would have been spared Vod's wrath. 


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