Thursday, June 12, 2014


Bah, Humbug
The Texas Rangers are discouraging fans from doing the wave...all in fun, of course. When a "wave" starts, the Rangers post a warning to fans that unless they stop, the Rangers will turn off the air conditioning for the next game, while posting pictures of LeBron James being carried off the court with leg cramps. The threat has no teeth of course, since Texas does not have a domed stadium. A previous tactic, threatening to hand out all the free candy and soft drinks they wanted to kids, if the wave didn't stop, was also ineffective.

The best (and cheapest) marketing ploy ever.
Papa John's has promised free pizzas to customers every time the Yankees score 6 or more runs. What a great idea. The run starved Yanks haven't scored six runs since May 28th, in a 7-4 win over St. Louis, two weeks and 12 games ago. In those 12 games, the Yanks have averaged a whopping 2.7 runs per game. Bronx Bombers, indeed.

I didn't say when it would start.
Yasiel Puig issued a statement a few days ago, that he was going to change his image and begin acting in a more mature manner and follow team rules on and off the field. The very next day, he was late for batting practice. A skid of Excedrin was seen being delivered to manager Don Mattingly's office.

I'm all in.
Manny Machado, Baltimore's problem child, was suspended for five games for intentionally throwing his bat after a pitch came too close to him. Most people expected the suspension to be longer, some felt it could be as much as 10 games. Not Manny. He's appealed the punishment, hoping it would be reduced to 3 or 4 games.  What has he got to lose, it isn't as though they'll come back and say, "Oh yeah, that was supposed to be 8 games. Thanks for bringing it to our attention." Wouldn't THAT be cool?

Hughes and Chamberlain
Phil Hughes seems to be prospering in Minnesota while Joba Chamberlain is falling out of favor in Detroit. Hughes is 7-2 with an ERA of 3.17. Joba, while his numbers aren't bad (1-3, 3.29 ERA), hasn't been the shut-down reliever the Tigers hoped he'd be. The Yanks won't see Detroit until August 4th in the stadium.

"Remember College World Series fans: At Ameritrade Park, no outside food, water or drinks are permitted. Large umbrellas are banned and no beach balls are allowed. Now, get out there and have fun."  -- Brad Dickson.
"L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling changed his mind yet again — withdrawing his support for the $2 billion sale of the team to Steve Ballmer and saying he’ll proceed with a $1 billion suit against the NBA. So what does the league cite him for this time — over-and-back, or flopping?"  -- Dwight Perry
"New Knicks coach Derek Fisher has vowed to bring a “championship back to New York” because of his championship experience. Yeah, that has worked out so well for Theo Epstein in Chicago."  -- Janice Hough
"Ex-Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez claims he is in his prime right now. In a related story, the Bank of Canada says prime is at an all-time low."  -- RJ Currie
" The Wrigley Field scoreboard operator was caught asleep on camera during the fifth inning of a Cubs game. It's not exactly a first; they were playing the Mets."  -- RJ Currie

Note to all: Newspapers are getting more and more protective of their columnists. Seattle and Omaha have limits as to how many times I can access their items (Dwight Perry's & Brad Dickson's to be specific). So far, I have found ways to read them, but there are limits. I will continue to try (and I have some help, too).


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