Sunday, June 01, 2014


**The chicken or the egg?
An ESPN columnist recently wrote an article showing that the reason the Toronto Blue Jays were in first place was because of the statistics that he proceeded to list. None of them were earth-shattering, just the usual -  best hitting pct, best era, best defense, etc. I would certainly expect that if their statistics were that good, they should be in first place. Seems like stating the obvious to me. However, he's paid to write, so maybe it's just sour grapes on my part.

**Don't you have something better to do?
The MLB drug testers were in the Yankee clubhouse recently for a random testing of players. Of all the possible choices, who do they pick? Ichiro Suzuki! Good choice. I wonder what they found - an extremely high level of sushi? Too much Geritol? Who's next? The batboy?

**How can we waste more money?
Last week, all  the teams wore uniforms highlighted with camouflage, the filler inside the letters and numbers. This was to honor our servicemen on Memorial Day. Nice gesture, but why spend all that money on uniforms and caps that they're only going to wear once (maybe twice if they're used on the Fourth of July). I'm not against honoring our servicemen, on the contrary, I'm all for it. Why not take the money spent on special uniforms and donate to the Veterans Fund for the medical care of wounded veterans? I'm sure they would appreciate it much more.

**RULE 66
In case you don't know what that is, it's the LA Dodgers marketing ploy for the Dodgers #66, Yasiel Puig.  He may be the best fielding right fielder baseball has seen in some time and he throws like he has a rifle attached to his shoulder, he runs like a horde of zombies are catching up and he hits for an average with power. But... he often plays like he has no idea of the score or even which team he's on. He runs into outs on the bases that leave veteran players shaking their heads and biting their tongues. As for manager Don Mattingly, well, as Jonathon Winters once said, "He doesn't know whether to wave or salute."  But he's exciting.

**I love you, man.
If the NBA semi-finals proved one thing, there are different ways to be entertaining. It seems that the Indiana Pacers Lance Stephanson has found most of them and added a special one of his own. Between scoring points and playing defense, he thought it would help the team by getting inside LeBron James' head. He tried to bully him, foul him, nudge him, get up in his face and even tried a flagrant foul or two. None of it worked. It was so bad that Pacer president Larry Bird told him to "grow up." He didn't. Then while standing next to James, he actually blew in his ear. James ignored his antics, scored 25 points and sent the Pacers home for the year. Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press tells it better:

**The worthless stat.
Yeah, I know this could go anywhere, but one problem is the announcers trying to give us the most current information on a player. Usually, it's something about how good a hitter does against a particular pitcher, as in: "He hits him pretty good - he's 3 for 8 against him."  The sample size is so small, that by going 0-3 he could lower his average by over 100 points. Then there is this: "McCann has a 5-game hitting streak."  Yes, he does, but all the hits came with two outs with no one on base. At the same time, he's come to bat with men on base and done nothing. To paraphrase Charlie Brown, Tell your hitting streak to shut up.

**Pitching or hitting
There appears to be two trains of thought regarding  a potential acquisition for the Yankees after the amateur draft. Some say they should sign free agent Kendrys Morales, who would bring a big bat but no glove. He's best as a DH, but the Yanks seem to have 8 of them already.  The other thought is to trade for a starter such as Jeff Samardzija or David Price. I doubt that Tampa would trade Price to NY, but the Cubs are open to a trade. Problem with Samardzija is that he would cost the Yankees some of their prize prospects. At least they won't have to figure out how to fit his name on the jersey.
Personally, I say grab them both. It's not my money.

**More entertainment
Tampa Bay and the Boston Red Sox have mixed in some baseball around a beanball war and bench-clearing brawls. The result: Boston won the game but lost the war. An almost perfect result for a Yankee fan. 
People who prefer the National League style of play often cite the 'double switch' managers use when they change pitchers, which keeps pitchers from having to hit. This results in box scores that include up to 20 players in one game. We American Leaguers have that beat. How many times has a National League team used 4 managers in one game? Boston just did that. In fact, I think a secretary from Boston's steno pool managed the last two innings.

"The Rice Owls landed quarterback J.T. Granato after sending a recruiting letter to Granatos cat. I think I realized why Rice isnt a college football power."  -- Brad Dickson
" How tough has it gotten in the NBA playoffs between LeBron James of the Heat and Lance Stephenson of the Pacers? In Game 5 they came to blows."  -- RJ Currie
"Boston Red Sox are undefeated when using four managers."  -- Janice Hough
"Golfer John Daly claiming $55 million in gambling losses between 1991 and 2007: “Apparently he lost most of it betting on himself to win. -- Jim Barach
"In case you missed it, a frog named Green Cough sprang 19 feet 8 inches to win this year’s Calaveras County Frog-Jumping Contest. Which shocked most insiders, considering he went only 17-6 at last month’s Frog Combine."  -- Dwight Perry
"Theres talk that the Raiders may leave Oakland. I believe this is part of the mayors plan to reduce crime."  -- Brad Dickson
" So Donald Sterling ismentally incapacitated?” Maybe not so much if he managed to get $2 billion for the L.A. Clippers?"  -- Janice Hough
"80 yr old CBC broadcasting legend Bob Cole may retire after the LA/Chi playoff series. He turns 81 in June. If he does decide to return next year, the CBC will have him listed as “day to day”.  -- TC Chong
"Safety T.J. Ward, among the Broncos’ big offseason acquisitions, has been charged with throwing a beer mug at a strip-club bartender. Club officials should’ve seen red flags the moment he asked for his entire $23 million in $1 bills. -- Dwight Perry


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