Tuesday, May 20, 2014


You know how you will hear a catchy tune, from time to time, and it will stick with you for a day or two? For the last couple of days Ive caught myself humming or whistlingOld Man Riverand its been driving everyone nuts. In the shower, on the golf course, down at the diner, its beenOld Man River”.

My wife, children, and golf partners have told me if they hear one more note ofOld Man Rivertheyll send me up the river.

Today, “Old Man Riverbecame crystal clear. May 21st is Chads birthday, and not just any birthday. Our esteemed leader is celebrating his 70th, and if thats not old, man, what is?

While 70 is absolutely not the new 50, do not fear for Chad. He can still out drink, out eat and out think a man twice his age.

To my dear friend, wingman and co-pilot from decades ago, terrific husband and father and all around good guy, I wish Chad Picasner a happy birthday, good health and many more entertaining years with Annie!

Damn. Now Ill be quietly singingFor Hes A Jolly Good Fellowfor weeks.


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