Thursday, May 08, 2014


Watching Blake Griffin’s ‘post move’ is one of the ugliest sequences you will ever see in basketball, only surpassed by the grotesque officiating that marked last night’s Clipper – OKC game.

After posting up and receiving a pass, Griffin’s first move is to lower his shoulder, take a single hesitation dribble and ram into the defenders chest. His second move is to take another hesitation dribble while he slams his elbow into the defender’s midsection. His third and final move is to elbow the defender, push off with his right arm, hop, skip and jump to finally toss up a two-footer with his left hand.

That would be two double dribbles, three personal fouls and a travel. Nice.

And, of course, this occurs in full view of a three-man officiating.

Typically, this would be the time to switch over to a Yankee game, but, no, it’s a Clippers – OKC game and that’s an opportunity to see two amazing players in a playoff game.

And we got to see so much; Chris Paul grabs Russell Westbrook by the wrist while driving fifteen feet from the basket in full, unobstructed view of the official

No foul called. Game announcers explain that no fouls was called because Paul had picked up two quick personals in the first quarter. Well, sure, now he can foul at will. That makes perfect sense to NBA officials and announcers whose livelihood depends heavily on the NBA for work.

A short time later, a no-name Clipper takes two giant sidesteps delivering a moving screen that sends Kevin Durant flying to the deck. No call… because the Clipper player claimed coach Doc Rivers said “Simon Says…” before nailing Durant first with his knee and then with his hip.

Now I got it and now it’s definitely time to switch to YES.

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