Friday, May 02, 2014

Kanock, Kanock

Take a vacation to ride motorcycles, play golf and enjoy the beach and the universe becomes a “What’s Up with That?” comedy routine.

With 15% of the 2014 baseball season completed and every team in the AL East has a negative run differential.

Michael Pineda! All it takes is to mention his name.

FSU Double Header: Florida State drops internal investigation of accused rapist Jameis Winston because “he refused to answer questions”. Florida State suspends accused rapist Jameis Winston for stealing crab legs.

NBA takes a strong stand against blatant racism while the NFL just can’t figure out what ever to do with Daniel Snyder.

The Mets and the Yankees have the exact same record.

Georgia surpasses Florida in stupidity with gun laws allowing both open and concealed carry in schools, bar, restaurants, churches, parks, and everywhere and anywhere an honest, hard-working white guy might encounter “trouble” – even though the Florida legislature passed a law allowing gun toters to fire a warning shot (which up to now has been illegal) before blowing away anyone you like if you “feel” threatened (completely legal under stand-your-ground law.)

The Education Department publicly released a list of 55 U.S. colleges and universities currently under investigation for mishandling sexual-assault cases. The list is populated with large state schools such as Ohio State University and the University of Michigan, as well as prestigious Ivy League schools, including Dartmouth, Harvard, and Princeton.

Dear Bill Bryson, I’m a stranger here myself.

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