Wednesday, May 21, 2014


** During his farewell tour, Derek Jeter has gotten some interesting gifts from teams when the Yanks play there. Last night, the Cubs gave Jeter the #2 from their scoreboard. Not mounted on a plaque, no donation check for Jeter's charity. Just the number. Can you imagine that conversation? "Hey, we were supposed to be honoring Jeter tonight." "Oh yeah, what have got for him?" "Me? I got nothing." "Well, run out to the scoreboard and get a number 2" "Good thinking, boss."
Perhaps it's one last dig by Theo Epstein?

** Is there any hitter that's hotter than Troy Tulowitzky? He's hitting .389 with 13 homers & 35 RBIs. Those are triple crown numbers. Forget about any trade. He signed with the Rockies thru 2020 at $20 million per year.

** I really think Ichiro Suzuki could get out of bed at midnight on New Year"s Eve and slap a single into left. He's hitting .367 in 60 at bats. The limited at bats may be part of the reason he's doing so well. Girardi is doing a good job of keeping his legs fresh.

** The Red Sox are still struggling. They just signed Stephen Drew for the rest of the year, but he won't make that much of a difference. The Sox redid their roster last year, using more role players than all-stars. Did it work or was it that everything just went right? It's now looking like it was a one-shot deal. Do I sound concerned?

** Cleveland beat Detroit in the 13th inning today when Tiger pitcher Al Alburquerque balked with the bases loaded and two outs. Strangely, the balk was called by umpire 'Balkin' Bob Davidson all the way from Boston, where he's sitting out a one game suspension for what has been called "improper situation handling." I don't know what that means, but the words Davidson and improper sure belong together.

** This is typical Girardi. If the Yanks bring in a pitcher and his first outing is a good one, count on this guy showing up in every game, regardless of how well he does. Right now, Alfredo Aceves is that guy. Trouble is, you don't know what you're gonna get. I'm officially changing his name to "Afraid-a" Aceves.

***THEY SAID It***
"New York Mets pitchers began the season by going a record 0 for 46 at the plate. Don't be surprised if the Mets PR. team starts touting "our record-setting season."  -- Brad Dickson
"Michael Pineda has been caught doctoring the ball during rehab long-toss session."  -- 
"California Chrome will make a run at the Triple Crown after Belmont Park officials lift their ban on nasal strips. Rival horses were ecstatic - if this means an end to his incessant snoring around the barn at night."  -- Dwight Perry
"Russia's president played in a celebrity hockey game in Sochi. He recorded a Vladimir Putin hat-trick, with six goals, five assists and three foreign invasions."  -- RJ Currie
"Kobe Bryant has asked for "input" into who the Lakers hire as head coach. And by "input" I mean Kobe said he'd call the owners after he'd made his decision."  -- Brad Dickson
"The NFL has awarded the 2018 Super Bowl toMinneapolis. For all those who thought spending the first week in February in New York wasnt cold enough."  -- Janice Hough


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