Tuesday, October 22, 2013


## The Dodgers and the Red Sox made a huge trade that allowed the Sox to send their highest-paid, least-productive players to the Dodgers, at least, that's what it looked like at the time. The Dodgers were then supposed to win the World Series with the addition of those three players - Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzales and Carl Crawford. Well, they came up short, so changes had to be made.

First to go was Sue Falsone, Major League Baseball's first woman head trainer. Actually, there are some rumors that she quit and there are some that she was fired. Sue might not even know.

Next, was bench coach Trey Hillman, Dan Mattingly's right hand man, along with advance scout, Wade Taylor.

At a press conference, Mattingly said his option for 2014 vested when the team made the NL Championship. But, Mattingly added, "That doesn't mean I'm coming back." Mattingly says that with all the high-priced players, a manager needs to have a multi-year contract, "...in order to have some kind of leverage." I don't know how he figures that. Not one Major League club owner will hesitate to fire you just because you have 2 or 3 years left on your contract. Even two years after he was fired for the last time, Billy Martin still didn't know under which of his five contracts he was being paid. (I inadvertently wrote "pain" instead of "paid" in the last sentence. I almost didn't change it)
Dodger GM Ned Colletti was at the press conference and he sat unmoving, staring straight ahead the whole time Mattingly spoke. If Don thought he was threatening the Dodgers to renew his contract for more years, 'unmoving' is going to be Colletti's reaction to that, too.

## Tiger manager Jim Leyland has retired. He said, "When it's time to go, it's time to go. The fuel was running low." He didn't look like he had much enthusiasm during the playoffs. He was once hailed as a "genius," during his first two years as a manager. The most logical replacement would be bench coach Gene Lamont, but he has very little experience as a manager and no real success when he was. Jim Bowden former GM and now ESPN analyst says if he was the Tiger GM, he would look at recently fired Dusty Baker or Charlie Manuel. Ah yes, the Old Boys network: keep rehiring the same old managers over and over. Well, the term "genius" was never used in conjunction with Jim Bowden.

## From Brad Dickson's Bottom Ten
1. Miami (Ohio) (0-7): The RedHawks retain the No. 1 ranking after a loss to Akron in the in-state-rivalry-nobody-much-cared-about game of the week.
 8. New Mexico State (0-7): New Mexico State is located in Las Cruces, Spanish for “lopsided loss."

## A-Rods lawyers scheduled a press conference to talk about the hearing, but the arbitrator told them to cancel it because the hearing is bound by a confidentiality agreement. The lawyers claimed they were going to release "100+ page presentation." Why bother us with 100 more pages of allegations? Save iy for the hearing and force  people who are getting paid suffer through this malarkey. Oh, one more little tidbit. High-powered attorney Lanny Davis has joined the A-Rod defense team. Davis was formerly the White House special counsel for Bill Clinton. I guess we know what his duties will be for A-Rod.

## I read where NY Islander's  John Tavares was checked hard into the boards and when he went to the bench, he pulled his own tooth out of his mouth. Gee, and I thought I had bad dental coverage.

"Kris Humphries sold ex-wife Kim Kardashian's engagement ring for $749,000. Anyone who thinks that’s a lot to pay for a ring doesn’t foot a teenage daughter’s cellphone bill."  -- RJ Currie
"A professional soccer team will be called the Las Vegas Mobsters. You thought the name Redskins was controversial. Here's a group you really don't want to offend."  -- Brad Dickson
"Oregon was wearing pink helmets in its game against Washington State: So that partly answers the question: What happened to all their gear when the Lingerie Football League folded?"  -- TC Chong
"I remember the time I attended a Raiders-Chargers game. I would’ve felt safer at a Manson family reunion."  -- Norman Chad
"Basketball legend Michael Jordan’s 56,000-square-foot mansion in Highland Park, Ill., is going up for auction after two years of trying to sell it, The Wall Street Journal reported. Realtors aren’t expecting a bull market."  -- Dwight Perry
"Five ranked SEC teams lost on Saturday. No punchline. I just like writing that."  -- Janice Hough
"Even for those of us whose team’s are not in the World Series, one thing to smile about – after this year Tim McCarver is retiring!"  -- Janice Hough
"As of today, same-sex marriages are now legal in New Jersey. And today New Jersey governor Chris Christie announced he would no longer oppose gay marriage. He said, "How can I oppose anything that brings more cake into New Jersey?" -- Conan O'Brien


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