Sunday, October 27, 2013

Game 3 Highlights

It's hard to tell you anything you don't already know about the Fox broadcast team: Buck, McCarver and Rosenthal. Buck is a literalist. McCarver dwells on the obvious. Together, they are humorless and Rosenthal is a bit of a buffoon. But if you had the misfortune of watching tonight's game with the sound on you heard McCarver reach the epitome of inanity  with the comment, "This Boston team is teeming with team players." 

What an enormously clever tintinnabulation, Tim. We expect no less from the Fair and Balanced.

Aa regards events in the rest of the universe:

College football. Bullah Bullah. 

Andrew Cuomo is once again playing the whore for multimillionaire New York contributors, inserting himself into the NYC mayoral race.

We have not seen Picasner since his return from the west coast. 

Would love to be riding in Florida with Mike. Maybe in December. 

Ted Cruz, Rickie Rubio, Rand Paul. It's amazing how so many pols make Mitt Romney look rational, compassionate and honest - traits he had in astonishingly limited supply in the last election.

$40 billion dollar cut in food stamps will begin in November, just in time for Thanksgiving. How appropriate. How Republican. How American.

Love to Canandaigua. The city completed the renovation of downtown sidewalks and tree replacement.  Looks great and maintains the character of a vibrant city center. Today the merchants sponsored the Halloween children's parade and down town Trick or Treat. The city swarmed with characters all afternoon. 

If anyone has a useful metaphor for the enormity of the Homeland Security apparatus, send it in. There is so much cancerous and surreptitious  growth that no one in or out of government knows just where it ends. Well, someone has to be manning all of those cameras, flying all of those drones, running covert and special-ops missions everywhere, using 'enhanced interrogation techniques...

Never in my lifetime has a President of the United States been so reviled by an opposition party committed to his failure, willing to obfuscate, smear and lie and to tear the nation apart with threats of secession and Donald Trump. 

That, my friends is scarier than Stephen King, the Alien trilogy or Hank Steinbrenner making decisions 

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