Sunday, May 12, 2013

It’s a great day to be a New Yorker everybody.

The Yankees are in 1st and there are still several state legislators who have not been indicted. Hard to say which is most remarkable.

With just over 20% of the season completed the Yankees, aka, ‘The Few and the Feeble’, have ripped off an impressive string of wins behind outstanding pitching and the extraordinary contributions of several players who were considered ‘veterans’ ten years ago. And the kindest thing one can say about Robinson Cano, with respect to his performance on this team of overachieving graybeards, is that he’s playing like a man twice his age.


Sergio Garcia should receive a Best Supporting Actor Oscar Nomination for his self-portrayal in Tin Cup 2, also known as The Players Championship. After plunking two in the water at the famous Saw Grass 17th, posting a quadruple bogey, it’s fair to say that Sergio will not be vacationing in Hawaii, or any other islands, any time soon. 

If he needs advice on a location to recover from this near-drowning experience, dropping 6 shots in the last two holes, I’m sure that Tiger Woods would wholeheartedly enjoy telling Sergio exactly where to go.


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