Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random thoughts on recent developments

One indisputable fact, no baseball club generates more commentary, insightful or idiotic, than the New York Yankees. And clearly, now, the idiots have it.

One of ESPN radio’s idiot pundits, arguing that Baltimore deserved to be in the ALCS, opined that if Raul Ibanez hadn’t hit two homeruns the Orioles would be playing Detroit. He might as well have argued that if Delmon Young hadn’t golfed a dinger and if Eric Chavez hadn’t booted a routine play at third and if an umpire hadn’t played Blind-Man’s-Bluff blowing a game changing play at second base and if Robinson Cano had made a clean transfer on a potential double play then the Yankees could easily be up 2 – 1 instead of one game away from being swept  - in spite of the sudden onset of blindness afflicting Rodriguez, Granderson, Swisher and Cano. And let’s not forget Eric Chavez, hitting a lofty .000. Play the really stupid “What-If” game long enough and it’s not hard to justify why the Mets and Red Soxs ought to be playing.

Speaking of 1) the inability of the heart of the Yankee’s lineup to see the baseball, 2) the recent report that A-Rod has been getting women’s telephone numbers during games, and 3) the warnings of various side effects associated with one particular class of drugs, i.e. a sudden change in vision associated with various (ahem) male enhancement medications – is it possible that some of the boys have been mixing too many little blue pills with their sunflower seeds?

 The Yankees are really easy to despise. The current crop of Steinbrenners, a cold fish like Brian Cashman, a decent but colorless Joe Girardi, and a front office that is dedicated to sucking up every available penny from the public troth, don’t present anything close to a likeable image or organization. Regardless, I will never understand why people who purport to be baseball fans boo Derek Jeter. Whatever you think about the Evil Empire, Jeter is a first ballot Hall of Fame player who plays every inning hard, a shortstop with average skills with a flair for the absolutely spectacular, a consummate team player who has produced for seventeen major league seasons, and a player who represents his team and all of baseball with personal appeal and class. So, in spite of his friendship with Donald the Douche Bag Trump, mindless product endorsements, and disregard for his Florida neighbors… OK, boo him on the street but not on the field.

Yesterday, A-Rod handled questions about his benching with dignity and grace, and avoided getting baited into saying something stupid, like how he really feels about Girardi and his little band of decision makers. That is the clearest sign of his post-season departure – along with several other familiar faces.

Recent studies confirm that viewers most frequently use TV remotes and mute buttons during commercials and baseball games. Furthermore, commercials aired during baseball games are viewed in their entirety less often than commercials for hemorrhoid creams, low testosterone, and male pattern baldness aired on other programs. American men know their priorities.

Two final indisputable facts, 1) baseball is at its most entertaining when there is a Yankee controversy, and 2) a World Series without the Yankees has far, far less cachet, or put more directly, it’s So What vs. Who Cares. Hi ho.


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