Tuesday, October 16, 2012


## Game three of the ALCS is tonight in Detroit. For a team that isn't hitting, the last thing they need is Justin Verlander.  If they can get to Verlander in the first or second inning for a run or (Gasp?) two, and CC Sabathia can pitch a complete game shutout, the Yanks would have a chance. Teixeira will get some good swings, Ichiro will create some havoc, other than that...

Maybe it's time for some big changes, and I mean BIG. What have they got to lose? Try this on for size:
Ichiro RF
Martin  C
Teixeira  1B
Ibanez  LF
Cano  2B
Nix  SS
Gardner  CF
Chavez  3B
Nunex  DH

At least you'd have a hell of a bench.

## I watched Matt Holliday take out Marco Scutaro at second last night. Was it a dirty play or just hard-nosed? Well, Holliday threw a body block and did not come in spikes high, which would have been dirty. Most second basemen are prepared to jump in that situation, since it is common to throw a rolling block to break up the double play.  There was no immediate reaction by any of the Giant players to retaliate for the hit. thank heavens Tim McCarver was on hand to tell us EXACTLY what the dividing line between clean and dirty is, citing a "rule" I'd never heard before:  "If he starts the slide before he gets to the bag, it's legal. If he doesn"t, it's illegal."   Funny that the umpires didn't call anything. Maybe they need a direct link to McCarver so they would know what to call. Leave it to him to stir up a controversy. Are we in need of replacement broadcasters?

## Curt Schilling's now defunct video game company is selling off it's assets to pay off it's debts. I saw a  partial list of the items up for auction, and there were a couple of missing items, such as:
1) One Sock, Bloody,
2) One Schilling Ego, Massive
Maybe things aren't quite that desperate yet.

##   There are some managerial jobs open and while nothing is really that serious yet, there are some interesting names that are surfacing.
vTony Pena is interviewing for the Red Sox position. Aren't the Sox afraid they'd be infected with "Evil Empire Disease?"
Jason Giambi (yes, that Jason Giambi) is talking to the Colorado Rockies about their management position.  Giambi has no experience coaching or managing, but lack of experience has never been an impediment for a dugout job. And as we saw in Boston this year, neither is the lack of ability.


3) Massachusetts (0-6):  A-Rod is having a better October.
4) UNLV (1-6): Worst of all for local fans, they're consistently not beating the spread.  
7) UTEP (1-6): Folks rushing across the U.S.-Mexican border, are UTEP fans heading south.

"Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland said early Sunday that Jose Valverde wouldn’t close tonight’s game. Well, not like he closed last night’s game either."  -- Janice Hough
"Convicted dogfighter Michael Vick, the Eagles QB, is a dog owner once again, and he's vowing to do it right this time. The way Vick has been fumbling the ball this season, the animal had better be a retriever."  -- Ian Hamilton
"So, Derek Jeter breaks his ankle while Alex Rodriguez remains good to go? What, did baseball's karma gods wake up in a bad Yankee mood one morning and say, "Let's play two"?  -- Dwight Perry
"What's the difference between Botox and the Bosox? Botox has better pitchers."  -- RJ Currie
"Ohio State reserve quarterback, Cardale Jones tweeted: "Why should we have to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL? We ain't come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS." If you're unfamiliar with Jones, he's a three-time winner of "The Most Intellectual Athlete on Twitter" award."  -- Brad Dickson
"Here's a sign that it's autumn in New York: Alex Rodriguez striking out with the bases loaded.  -- David Letterman
"A British rugby player had to have a testicle removed after taking a knee to the groin during a rugby match. Some people think he was upset about it because he took his ball and went home."  -- Terry Etter
"A woman featured on the show "Wife Swap" has been arrested for prostitution. Isn't that pretty much the premise for the whole show?"  -- Jim Barach


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