Sunday, May 08, 2016


Back from the Robotics Wars in St. Louis and ready to vent my anger at all things not old fashioned. Actually, while I do prefer sports played the "old" way, there are many new things that I like.
**I like the fact that the Cubs are winning like crazy and will likely make the World Series. Their stadium, Wrigley Field, has a great history and deserves to be showcased in the post season. It is one of the most uncomfortable stadiums I've ever been in - the seats are small, the rows close together and the ushers not as nice as the other places I've visited - it's great to watch a game on TV.
**Pink bats on Mother's day. I'm not exactly fond of the pink, but it's terrific to honor Mothers Day. We visited the Louisville Slugger factory and museum last week and actually saw the bats being made. The guide said the players only get two bats each and generally, the players give one to their mother and the other is auctioned off for charity to fight breast cancer.. Speaking of which - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers.
I'm not a gambler, so horse races hold little interest for me, but I do watch the triple crown races. The Kentucky Derby intrigues me not only for the race but also for the fashions, especially the ladies hats. My vote for the best hat, however goes to Johnny Weir (sorry, Tara).
**I don't like the antics sometimes, but how can you watch super athletes perform at such a high level and not be amazed. LeBron James' superior performance in all aspects of basketball. Jim Brown, running like a tank through defenses designed to stop him, David Ortiz, hitting homers when it counts the most. Steph Curry, faking players out of their shoes and hitting 40-foot jump shots. Martina Navratilova, destroying opponents like they were school children. Mo' Rivera toying with hitters.

Yeah, it's why we keep going to the games in spite of the sometimes outrageous ticket prices. Who can tell me why a hot dog tastes better sitting in the 2nd deck behind third base, than anywhere else in the world?

I don't like the obscene, planned bat flips after homers. Oh, slamming it to the ground or tossing it a few feet away are okay, but flipping it way up in the air or tossing it 20 to 30 feet away as if to say, "I didn't really need the darned thing," is over the top. Take Odubel Herrera of the Phillies. He slammed a ball deep into the right field stands, flipped the bat away and started his slow homerun trot. Um, wait a minute - the ball was foul. I hope the grin on his face as he retrieved his bat was one of embarrassment.

Big Papi lost it Friday night on a called strike when he thought he had a bases-loaded walk. Ortiz is the King of Whiners, but I appreciate that the situation was so intense that emotions would be high. The umpire let him vent big time and did nothing, which was great. But why did he get tossed when he went back to the dugout? By the way, two replays on YES Network showed that the strike call was correct but some sportswriters are still saying it was a bad call. Shame on them.

How far has former Cy Young/MVP winner Justin Verlander fallen? A few days ago, this headline surfaced: "Kate Upton engaged to baseball player."

 Here’s to Fred Costello, in his 40th year as the organist at Triple-A Rochester Red Wings games. Costello is the country’s longest reigning sports organist. Organs have become passé at ballgames — teams prefer blaring canned music that eliminates conversation. (From Phil Mushnick's column.)

Janice Hough has a thing about East Coast bias and she has a point. Even I'm tired of the Yankees-Red Sox games ALWAYS being on ESPN on Sunday night. At least we don't have to listen to Curt Schilling anymore. John Kruk is bad enough.
Apparently, screwing with ESPN is not the wisest thing to do. Schilling continues to make disparaging remarks about his former employer. ESPN did not respond to all the remarks, but when their aired  special on the Sox terrific comeback in the playoffs after being down 3-0 in games, they didn't show game 6, Schilling's "bloody sock" game. Oops...well, it seems that...uh sorry, we had to cut somewhere, so...

"NHL analyst Elliotte Friedman said the regular season no longer matters for Ovechkin and the Capitals. That’s right, it doesn’t matter — it’s like  Gisele Bundchen's IQ."  -- RJ Currie
"A U.S. mother-son team from Georgia is going to compete in the Rio Olympics in shooting. I feel sorry for the burglar who breaks into this house."  -- Brad Dickson
"The Cubs in 2016 have a +101 run differential. To put this in perspective, the Yankees in 2016 have SCORED 100 runs."  -- Janice Hough
"John Daly set to join the Champions Tour after turning 50. He will be the only tour member with two major championships, three children, four ex-wives and, seemingly, nine lives" --  Josh Peters
"NBA officials missed five — five! — calls in the final 13.5 seconds of Game 2 of the Spurs-Thunder playoff series, that's one every 21/2 seconds. You can't even blow the whistle that fast."  -- Mitch Albom
"PGA Tour stars Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler had to dodge a golf ball thrown their way by a so-called fan at the Wells Fargo Championship on Thursday. Bet they’re thanking their lucky stars they didn’t decide to become pro bowlers."  -- Dwight Perry
"Who’d a thunk that  Bartolo Colon would be certain to end the 2016 season with more home runs than Pablo Sandoval?"   -- Janice Hough

"While under the yellow caution light in the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Talladega, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s steering wheel came completely off. He was still driving better than most people on Interstate 80 during my morning commute."  -- Brad Dickson
"LeBron James will reportedly star in Space Jam 2. No word on who plays the coach that LeBron gets fired."  -- RJ Currie


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