Sunday, May 15, 2016


** David Ortiz is on fire.
This is amazing for a guy in his 40's. He projects out to 45+ homers and 150+ RBIs. He probably won't reach those numbers, but they're still going to be pretty good. He does play in the bandbox they call Fenway Park for half of his games, but he is dangerous on the road, too. If this was A-Rod, everybody would be saying that he's found a way to beat the drug-testing, but nothing like that surrounds Big Papi. My question is: Why is retiring?

** Things could be worse.
For all the bad-mouthing about the Yankees season so far, The Minnesota Twins and the Atlanta Braves are really struggling this year. Both have only 9 wins to date and have a shot at not reaching 50 wins. In 2003, the Detroit Tigers ended with a record of 43-119 and finished 47 games out. Back in 1962, the Amazin' Mets showed how hapless a team could be by finishing a whopping a 60 games out. The Twins and the Braves have a shot.

** How long does this last, Sarah?
On the Sports Reporters this morning, Sarah Spain of ESPN, commented on the ovation Aroldis Chapman received on Friday when he entered the game in the 9th for the first time for the New York Yankees. She felt the crowd shouldn't have been cheering for Chapman since he  was coming off an MLB suspension for Domestic Abuse. They should have been considering his girlfriend instead. First of all, he was never officially charged Secondly, his girlfriend's 'injuries' weren't even noticed by the investigating officers right away. Lastly, he paid for his transgressions, whatever they may have been. So should he be punished for the rest of his life, Sarah?

** For it's one, two, three strikes... 
The Yanks unveiled their new 3-headed closer last night, the Bettances-Miller-Chapman beast manager Joe Girardi keeps locked in the NY bullpen. Opposing teams are hoping he'll lose the key. Their first attempt resulted in in 8 strikeouts out of ten chances, one hit and no runs. They are the most dangerous threesome since the three witches in Macbeth.

** The Russian athletes are doping again.
At least that's the rumor going around. I almost said "amateur athletes," but that's never been the case in Russia. The IOC is investigating this (HAH!) and if these reports are verified, they promise "harsh penalties." (Double HAH!)  Some analysts have suggested that Russia be banned from the Rio Olympics but that will never happen - too much money involved. Of course, with the extreme threat of  an infectious disease outbreak, banishment may not be such a bad thing.

** Another Yankee  goes down. 
This time, it's the youngster 22-year old pitcher Luis Severino.  I've asked this question before - where are the strength and conditioning coaches. It's not only pitchers, but position players too. Older players or rookies, it makes no difference. Do you think George would have put up with this? If he were still running things, we might be in double figures in strength and conditioning coaches by now. 
While we're at it,  New York is 25th in the Majors in hitting, yet they have TWO hitting coaches. More is obviously not better. 

** He might as well keep busy. 
Yesterday was Bat Day at Yankee Stadium. Actually, it was Alex Rodriquez Bat Day and there was A-Rod at one of the gates handing out bats. He's on the DL, so he had no responsibilities on the field And probably felt he should be doing something to earn his millions. Word is that he can be quite charming and this effort has certainly helped his image and it's another PR act that has been a hallmark of the "changed A-Rod since his return from suspension. This can't hurt.

"Cast members of “A League of Their Own” reunited last week. Just for fun, they beat the Minnesota Twins 5-2."  -- Brad Dickson
"Tigers ace Justin Verlander and supermodel Kate Upton got engaged. One is known for devastating curves, the other pitches for Detroit."  -- RJ Currie
"Voters in McKinney, Texas, voted to build a $63 million football stadium. If I know Texas football, this is for the JV team."  -- Brad Dickson
"I ordered a pint of Pale Ale at New Orleans Louis Armstrong airport. Cost was US $12. Who do they think they are? Yankee Stadium?"  -- TC Chong
"Bartolo Colon, 42, with a lifetime career .089 batting average, hit his first home run after 19 years in the majors. While rounding the bases, he twice had to stop and ask directions."  -- Brad Dickson
"Two soccer refs who were visibly drunk during a game — one of whom allegedly urinated on the field — were handed lifetime bans by the Czech Football Association.What, no yellow card?"  -- Dwight Perry  [As you all know, I'm not into puns, by my wife liked this one.]
"The Arizona Coyotes made John Chayka, 26, the youngest GM in NHL history. Chayka immediately traded a future first-round draft pick for four killer tickets to Pearl Jam."  -- Greg Cote
"The losers of the Ohio State spring football game were penalized by having to shovel mulch.  Of course, if Urban Meyer really wants to motivate players, he could make the losers go to class."  -- Janice Hough
"Bartolo Colon, the portly 42-year-old Mets pitcher, hit his first career home run Saturday night. As of early this morning, he was rounding second base."  -- RJ Currie  [Followed by David Ortiz, no doubt.]
"I wouldn’t say smoke from Minnesota wildfires reduced visibility in Omaha last weekend, but three hours after the international equestrian show ended at CenturyLink Center, people were still sitting in the stands going, “This is great.”"  -- Brad Dickson



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