Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wait for It

One of my nephews recently posted four ‘quotes’ (notably without citation) from four congressional democrats as proof they are unfit to serve in the posts to which they were elected. Were we to follow his advice, campaigns could be reduced to a three or four day affair, the Supreme Court would not have had to turn the Constitution on its ear in its Citizen United decision and the recent explosion of contribution ‘limits’ in the budget bill that assures the rich can more easily buy elections would not have been necessary.
While I’m sure he knows all of this, apparently the GOP is once again ready to compete and win in the “Let’s Say Really Stupid Things” competition held every day of the week, weekends and holidays included.
Responding to the news that President Obama has chosen to end a failed cold war Cuba policy and begin a process to normalize relations with the island, however not ending a horrible embargo, Florida senator Marco “Born with a Silver Spoon” Rubio has labeled the President a “traitor”.
South Carolina senator Lindsey “Chicken Hawk” Graham and John “Bitter Old White Guy” McCain (yes the BOW-G that gave us the Queen of Mean Sarah Pallin) may need reconstructive surgery after their heads exploded and jaws became unhinged trying to defend 50 years (that’s right, five decades) of grotesque stupidity – the embargo. (I'm personally deeply disappointed by McCain's stupidity because he has been been my mentor, guru and role model in my quest for Bitter Old White Guy status. Aunt Laurie can verify that).
Anyway, all of this crock of crap from members of the party that idolizes Richard “I Am Not a Crook” (well, yes he was) Nixon who normalized relations with Mao’s China and decided that the best way to secure that normalization was to crate and ship US manufacturing to a totalitarian, one-party commie regime; and the party that has anointed Ronald Reagan the Second Coming, the man who authorized the sale of weapons to Iran to raise money for South American death squads.
Isn’t it stunning that the US has normal diplomatic ties with Viet Nam, a country where 50,000 US soldiers lost their lives, where over 250,000 US soldiers were wounded, where hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese civilians were carpet bombed to death, incinerated with napalm (thank you Dow for developing better ways to slaughter through chemistry) and huge tracts of the country were rendered toxic with Agent Orange - but opening an embassy in Havana is, according to the deranged GOP, an act of treason?
You can be sure, my dear nephew, that the vitriol is just beginning and you will have more than enough really stupid quotations to cite when Ted Cruz, the last standing Bush brother, FoxNews, along with Glen, Rush, Cal, Michele, Sarah, the crazed Ms. Coulter and other blovating notables crank up.
And in local developments, you can expect the same level of hysteria and hyperbole from the oil and gas industry and its minions now that fracking has been banned in New York State.

In the meantime, I encourage you to keep an open mind, separate fact from fiction, recognize good news when it happens, and most of all, don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.

And what does this have anything to do with baseball, in general, or specifically the Yankees? It's still illegal to scout in Cuba.  - Vod

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