Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Memories do, at least in sports. We remember players running faster than they actually did. They hit better than the records show. The fielding plays were more spectacular in our minds than in the film clips we watch. I recall Mickey Mantle's catch in game 5 of the 1956 World Series as being better than the clip I saw a week ago. I remember watching Roger Craig of the 1960 Mets throwing over to first 20 straight times to keep Maury Wills from stealing - it was really only eleven - and Wills stealing on the first pitch he threw after that.
Recently, Janice Hough wrote in her blog:
"So the SF Giants “lost” Chase Headley to the NY Yankees, 4 years, $52 million. But the guy’s stats last year? He hit .243 with 13 home runs and 49 RBIs. We aren’t exactly talking Brooks Robinson here."
I responded, " Of course, at age 31 (Headley's current age), Brooks Robinson hit .253 with 17 home runs and 75 RBIs. We’re not talking A-Rod, either." She agreed.
I wonder how many people think Robinson was a much better hitter than his actual numbers? His fielding abilities as compared to his actual abilities warrant the same scrutiny. He was an excellent fielder,  but his great reputation was helped in no small part by a great World Series he had with his glove. It's funny that another very good fielder at third also had a great World Series but he is not thought of as any where near the fielder that Brooks was. That fellow was Graig Nettles. George Brett was even better than Nettles but he didn't have the show-off Series that the other two did. I read once that Clete Boyer was better than Robinson but his brother Ken was even better, maybe the best ever.
As they say, "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend."

** Brian Cashman and the Yankee front office have continually stated that they are NOT in the hunt for Max Scherzer, yet many columnists don't believe them. Today, Jim Bowden of ESPN listed the Yanks as the third best possible candidate for Scherzer behind the Tigers and the Giants. Of course, George Steinbrenner would have signed him up weeks ago, but his son Hal is much more conservative.
My prediction: If there is a "surprise" signing, it will be James Shields and not Scherzer.

** Do the Yanks know something about A-Rod that they haven't told anyone yet? They've gone from saying that he'll play a lot of third base to some third base, some first base, to Cashman's recent pronouncement that A-Rod is their full time Designated Hitter. If A-Rod was in very good health, I can't imagine him being this quiet about Cashman's statements. He may have matured a lot in the last year or so, but not that much. He's still a drama queen. I've got to believe that A-Rod hasn't progressed physically as far as he had hoped.

"Meanwhile, once again, rumors are that Sunday could be the Raiders last game in Oakland. And many fans are thinking “Promise?”"  -- Janice Hough
"A teenager from Morrill, Nebraska, won the bronze medal at the tap-dancing World Championships. He'll also receive the prestigious "Nebraska Kid I'd Least Like To Live Downstairs From" Award."  -- Brad Dickson
"The Astros said an October Taylor Swift concert at Minute Maid Park will be moved if it conflicts with a postseason game. Right. And I told my wife I’d be late for dinner if  Kate Upton calls."  -- RJ Currie
Talking about the death of Topps’ Sy Berger, 91, the father of baseball cards: “He will be laid to rest in a shoe box somewhere in an attic."  -- Conan O'Brien
"There is a talent gap between his 2-21 76ers team and the 19-4 Grizzlies: “To think we’re going to beat them apples to apples, we’re not. They’ve got better apples.”  -- Coach Brett Brown
"The Madame Alexander Doll Company plans to have a Danica Patrick edition, as well as other NASCAR-branded dolls, out in time for the 2015 holiday shopping season.  The NHRA, not to be outdone, will counter with Barbie and Ken in drag."  -- Dwight Perry
"Yankees GM Brian Cashman, lowering expectations for A-Rod during an interview today “I can’t expect Alex to be anything.” Oh, I don’t know. A magnet for tabloid headlines seems a pretty sure bet."  -- Janice Hough
"During a trial, jurors were told they may wish to look away because the prosecutor was going to show something they may find disturbing. It was footage of Johnny Manziel's first NFL start on Sunday."  -- Brad Dickson


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