Saturday, December 20, 2014


But wait, it's in the wrong direction. The Yanks have sent David Phelps and Martin Prado south to Miami.In return, NY got a pitcher with a 6-14 record, a 34-year old utility player, a minor league pitcher and a used bowling shirt, color to be named later.
All winter we've listened to Brian Cashman and the Yankee front office, extol the virtues of Prado and have listed him as the starting third baseman, the starting second baseman, a back-up first baseman and a relief outfielder with the ability to DH. Finally, we now know where he's going to play: in Miami.
And maybe Phelps wasn't the greatest pitcher, but he showed no fear on the mound and would start or relieve as needed. In return, NY received a pitcher who has never won more than 6 games in a season with a career ERA over 4.00. In fairness, he is only 24 and throws a fastball that averages 96 mph.
Garrett Jones is 33 and plays 1st base and right field. If he gets the at bats, he could be a 20+ homer guy. With Headley at third and Jones backing up first, A-Rod may be reduced to warming up the pitcher and pinch-running. Girardi is going to have a good time controlling that ego.

It's bowl time
The first game is already over with LA-Lafayette beating Nevada, 17-3. If you forgot about this game, never fear there are 38 more games in our future. So there's quantity, but quality? Not so much. Back in the dark ages (when I was a lad), there were about 10 bowl games and the teams playing had records like 8-2, 7-3 or 9-1. This year, in 10 of those games, the two teams have a combined 11 or more losses. Are these bowl games or scrimmages? It's good that these student-athletes get some time off from skipping those classes all year. Of course, for some, it's not all that big a deal.
Poinsettia Bowl  --
Navy (7-5) vs. San Diego State (7-5)

The game is in San Diego. Tune in to see the facial expressions of San Diego State players whose reward for a good season was getting to travel eight blocks.  --  Brad Dickson

If you play for the right team, you get to bask in the sun in Florida. There are 3 bowl games there. Or you could end up in the Bahamas or Hawaii. Not too bad, but be warned, you could also end up in Boise, Idaho, in the Potato Bowl, where the pre-game banquet will satisfy your craving for baked potatoes for some time. Or, you could be in the Bronx for the Pinstripe Bowl, where teams get extra points if they make it to the stadium without getting mugged.

I miss the days of sitting around my uncle's house on New Years day, eating for 12 straight hours and listening to my Uncle Al explain the benefits of playing a 5-team Round Robin ticket for $10. It was also fun hearing his pronunciations of some of the teams. There was Are-Kansas (Arkansas) or You-cla (UCLA). Laugh if you want, but he always made money.

"On Sunday, I plan to sit, not move a muscle and watch football. I'm going to pretend I'm Jay Cutler."  -- Brad Dickson
"The Panthers won an NHL-record 20-round shootout over the Capitals when Nick Bjugstad scored. The last time a shootout used that many rounds, it was ended by Doc Holliday."  -- RJ Currie
"Tiger Woods flubbed four chip shots in his first return round: “Watching Woods mangle all these chip shots was like watching Bobby Flay burn all the grilled-cheese sandwiches"   -- Cameron Morfit
"QB Jay Cutler said it has “crossed his mind” that he has played his final games with the Bears. But then presumably that thought was intercepted."  -- Janice Hough
"Riesa, Germany, hosted the World Tap Dance Championships this month. Roger Goodell’s handling of the Ray Rice case came in third."  -- Dwight Perry
"Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte says “I’d rather have the experience of playing in the NFL and die 10 to 15 years earlier than not play in the NFL and have a long life”. By the way, Conte has suffered at least two concussions and is still unaware that he plays for the Bears."  -- TC Chong
"Florida State and Texas A&M colleges will offer classes in “Autographing for Dummies 101” starting next semester. Stanford was the only school to previously offer this class, but their only student that signed up was Tiger Woods, who flunked."  -- TC Chong


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