Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's Wrong with the Trop.

It's in St. Pete - sort of, and it's covered.

The Trop is just far enough away from Tampa and it's heavily populated northern and east-bay burbs that it's a pain to get there and once there, it's in an area where there just isn't anything to do if you get there early. When we go to games at Yankee Stadium or the Rogers Center in Toronto we always try to get there a couple of hours early for some pre-game shopping or dining. Go to the Trop and sit in the parking lots, in July, in August, in September, in Florida. Now there's a plan.

And it's covered. If you live in the greater Tampa - St. Petersburg you know that if you're outside during the day you'd better be at the beach or on the water. Yes, it's hot but there is always an ocean breeze. So for many, when the sun goes down the doors open up and it's time to enjoy some outdoors time. Great! Let's go to the ball park and sit inside for another three hours. If we play our cards right we can spend 23 and a half hours of every day inside, just going outside long enough to walk to our car to get to and from a game.

And it's covered. If you've had the opportunity to attend both open-roof and closed-roof games at the Rogers Center you know how much more enjoyable an experience open-roofed games provide. Ask the fans in Minneapolis if they would rather occasionally freeze in the spring and fall or sit inside all season.

Florida is full of Yankee fans, many retired northerners, who prefer to stay home and watch YES or stay home and nap, or both.

Florida is, hands-down, a football first state. Miami, Florida, and Florida State, and the Dolphins have no problem drawing fans. Add South Florida and Central Florida to that mix.

And the Trop is covered.

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