Monday, September 27, 2010


Even though he denies it (a lot), Rob Neyer hates the Yankees. He never says it directly, but it seems he jumps on any chance to publish anything negative about the Yanks that he can find.

Now he has dredged up the "Jeter-NOT-hit-by-a-pitch" thing again.
Rob claims a friend wrote to him with this gem:
"Cal Ripken once said that he told base runners to stay on the bag, when an Oriole teammate was planning a hidden ball trick. Junior said that even if a hidden ball trick was successful, in the long term it would come back to hurt a team somehow."
I don't usually comment in these columns, because a lot of times you just get clowns responding by insulting you and arguing with made-up facts and outlandish opinions. Since it appeared that no one had commented, I took a shot.

picasner (9/27/2010 at 5:53 PM)
No way do I believe that Ripken would sabotage his own team by warning a runner to stay on the bag. If he had done that, his teammates would have called him out. Rob, if your friend really believes that, I have a bridge for sale.Do you think we'll ever be done with this Jeter thing?

Well, what do you know? 22 other comments showed up, NONE advocating what Rob's "friend" said. In fact, other people weren't as kind as Picasner, calling Rob an idiot, a moron, and a Yankee-hater. I even disagree with Rob's first statement: I don't believe he has any friends.
At least those with triple digit IQs.


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