Sunday, June 26, 2016


Reyes is now a Met
The Colorado Rockies released him after MLB suspended him for allegations of domestic abuse. Even though the Hawaiian Police had to withdraw charges after his significant other refused to press charges, baseball, in it's infinite wisdom decided to punish him anyway, and the hell with all those pesky things like facts and proof. The Mets apparently feel that once a hitter, always a hitter regardless of what's being hit, and since he will draw fans, MONEY is the only thing that counts. Besides, if the Yankees can do it, so can the Mets.
Do you want fries with that?
Near the end of yesterday's game with the Twins, the game was delayed while Brett Gardner cleaned up some french fries and a container that fell onto the warning track in left field. Did you see the size of the container the fries came in? It was humongous. The whole left field stands must have been sharing it. Because it's Yankee Stadium, I estimate the price to be at least $35. Gardner may have been the only one in left field who could afford it.
Can a position be cursed?
You'd think no, but the Yanks have had three 1st  baseman injured this year, two of them for the season. Teixeira, one of the three, is now back but because of an untreated torn cartilage in his knee, it's only a matter of time. Pitchers are going on the DL all the time, but that has become normal.
The Boston Red Sox have lost three left fielders so far, so it seems the disease is not limited to the infield.
How come we don't see catchers going on the DL all the time? At least that would make sense.
I have no doubt
David Cone has two phrases he uses all the time: "There is no doubt," and "No doubt about it." They are used alternately and mostly to emphasize all the stale baseball catch phrases such as "He's a pitcher, not a thrower," or "He's a professional hitter."  If I drank a beer every time he says one of these phrases, I'd be passed out by the 5th inning. No doubt about it.
The best team in baseball right now 
They've won eight of their last ten,  lead the majors in wins and are on a pace to win over 100 games. They're leading their division by a wide margin. Yeah, those Cubs are really...what's that? Not talking about the Cubs? Then who?Really? The Texas Rangers? Well they really snuck up on us, didn't they? I guess that means... and the Giants, too? So all three teams have won 43 games, leading the majors. I guess it's going to be an interesting summer after all.
It is supposed to be entertainment after all 
I've been to pro baseball games, pro football games and even pro hockey games. I've heard the constant roar that goes with these sports from their fans, including the sudden increase in the noise level when something exciting happens. Ahh, but soccer fans; they are different. Not only do they cheer and scream for their respective teams, they also sing. For the whole game. In unison. Often in harmony. I can't understand the words and maybe there aren't any. I don't think it matters. It's just soccer and it's beautiful.
It's almost time for that "game" again 
You know the one. The game that has a great impact on MLB's Champion, but is played like worthless exhibition. Yes, it's baseball's All-Star game. Every team has to have a representative and everyone is expected to make an appearance. This is like going out jogging but be attached to a five foot tether. The idea is fine but you're not really allowed to do it. I'll be "not-watching" again. 
Since every team has to be represented, it's interesting that the most worthy member of the Yankees is a middle reliever, Andrew Miller. Oh well, I guess Beltran, too.
Another resident genius
The guests on this morning's Sports Reporters were extolling the virtues of SF Giants manager Bruce Bochy. He has his Giants in first place. He makes all the right moves and makes them at the proper time. According to Bob Ryan, "He's got IT whatever IT is."  I know what IT is, Bob. It's really good players.
How dumb do you think we are?
The Russian Olympic team has been banned from the Rio Olympics because of long-term consistently failed drug tests. Over 600 Russian athletes have filed for exemptions asking that they be allowed to compete as "independents." The IOC is expected to deny most of them with the exceptions of those athletes who live and train outside of Russia. The IOC generally makes bad decisions in my opinion, but this is a good one.

"A strawberry moon (full on the summer solstice) rose this June — a rarity not seen in over half a century. That reminds me: there was a championship parade in Cleveland."  -- RJ Currie
" There is a bobblehead of New York Yankees prospect Greg Bird depicting him as an actual bird. I’m glad nobody thought of this when Dick Butkus was playing."  -- Brad Dickson

"Johnny Manziel’s lawyer accidentally sent a text to the AP which included this about a possible plea deal “Heaven help us if one of the conditions is to pee in a bottle.” Looking like Manziel’s judgment on lawyers is about as good as his judgment on everything else."  -- Janice Hough
"Portugal soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo — not liking a question after his subpar start in Euro 2016 — angrily grabbed a reporter’s microphone and threw it into a lake. His scoring touch may have been off, veteran Ronaldo-watchers say, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with his throw-ins."  -- Dwight Perry
"Kim and Khloe have a penchant for dating athletes. Repeatedly, the Kardashians have sullied our finest in cleats and Nikes. They have sidetracked more NBA careers than cocaine."  -- Norman Chad
"Before the NBA draft Thursday, dozens of players told their agents: “If the Philadelphia 76ers call, just let it go to voice mail.”  -- Brad Dickson
"Alabama’s president makes $535,000 a year — or just $10,000 more than the strength coach for the Tide football team. “It’s an outrage,” said one local resident. “He had a way better year than she did.”"  -- Dwight Perry

"Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo threw a television reporter’s microphone into a lake. We’ll assume it was a stupid question, because it looked like a stupid answer."  -- RJ Currie
 "In Cleveland, people are flocking to see a sculpture of LeBron James made from dryer lint. You have over five decades to prepare, and this is what you come up with?"  -- Brad Dickson



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