Thursday, June 23, 2016


Brian Cashman says that when  the ownership and he sit down to evaluate the Yankee team, he will be "brutally honest." Just watch them play; that's what is brutal. 
Carlos Beltran can still hit, but sometimes he plays like he forgot to take his morning dose of Geritol. On occasion, he will go all out when running out a ground ball, but in the field...well that's a different story. He runs like he doesn't want to get to close to the ball. He appears to be waiting for Ellsbury to call him off every ball hit in his direction. 
The front office goes out of their way to give manager Joe Girardi a vote of confidence but some of this has to be Joe's responsibility. Brutal is a good way to describe the base running decisions the players make. 

So, bottom line, will the Yanks be buyers or sellers before the trading deadline? I think they have to be sellers. And who will they sell? The only ones that are impressing me lately are Refsnyder, Gregorious, Miller, Betances, Tanaka, Sabathia and Eovaldi. Beyond that, everybody is available - including Girardi. 

Last years two big power hitters, A-Rod and Teixeira, aren't scaring anybody with their bats, including the batting practice pitchers. With only 34 hits with the season about 45% gone, you have to wonder how Hal Steinbrenner feels about paying him about a quarter of a million dollars per hit so far this year.  Teixeira is even worse, racking up about $330,000 per hit. As my old boss used to say, "I wish I had your money."

I see the Yanks have added something new to their offensive arsenal this year: The dreaded Catcher's Interference. There have been only 22 so far in the majors and NY has cashed in on 7 of them. It's been a big help. Maybe they should go out and hire a catcher's interference coach.

"The NHL has approved an expansion team in Las Vegas. Well, this actually could be a major boon for the league. Americans love any sport when they can bet on it."  -- Janice Hough
"Packers punter Tim Mashtay said that during college he lived in a utility closet. He’s not to be confused with Johnny Manziel, who’s been closeted in futility."  -- RJ Currie
" According to The World-Herald, beer is being sold “in numerous places” at TD Ameritrade Park. If the NCAA and MECA can make money off beer sales, I’m pretty sure there’s a bar on the pitcher’s mound."  -- Brad Dickson
"The late hockey great Gordie Howe, to a doctor stitching up his cut in the dressing room during a game, as told by the Detroit Free Press: “Don’t go very far, because the guy who did this will be coming in soon.”  -- Sideline Chatter, Dwight Perry
"The NHL has awarded an expansion franchise to Las Vegas. All that prevented Seattle from entering the NHL was a bid, an owner and a building to play in."  -- Steve Simmons



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