Friday, January 29, 2016

The 'Every Four Years' Silly Season

The following is a public service announcement

Many folks are confused about the candidates running for president. 

Others are exhibiting ever-increasingly delirious behaviors. No wonder! 

Do phrases like … ‘build on the Obama legacy’, ‘… we never win. We lose at everything”, and … ‘carpet bomb and turn the desert to glass’ remind you of anyone?

When the current claimed frontrunners are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump or Ted Cruz - then, times are gettin’ hard boys…

To help remember who the really dangerous ones are - read, sing,  hum or chant ‘Political Science’ and give a hearty, “Yup!” You will feel better and smarter. Really. (That is Iowa vernacular for, 'Really.')

Political Science
- Randy Newman (1972 on his album ‘Sail Away’)

No one likes us, I don't know why.
We may not be perfect, but heaven knows we try.
And all around, even our old friends put us down,
Let's drop the big one, and see what happens.

We give them money, but are they grateful?
No their spiteful and their hateful,
They don't respect us, so let's surprise them,
We'll drop the big one, and pulverize them.

Asia's to crowded, and Europe's too old,
Africa is far to hot, and Canada's too cold,
And South America stole our name,
Let's drop the big one, they'll be no one left to blame us.

We'll save Australia,
Don't want to hurt no kangaroo.             
We'll build an all American amusement park there, they got surfin’  too.

Boom! goes London, Boom! Pa-reee,
More room for you, and more room for me,
And every city, the whole world 'round,
Will just be another American town.
Oh how peaceful it will be, 
We'll set everybody free,
They'll be a Japanese Kimono for you, they'll be Itallian shoes for me.
They all hate us anyhow, so let's drop the big one now,

Let's drop the big one now. 

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