Thursday, December 10, 2015


The Silly Season
Trades galore - money flowing like water - sports writers suffering from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome trying to write about all the moves. Sometimes, General Managers want to move players so bad, they don't even care about what they're getting back.

**Red Sox traded INF-OF Garin Cecchini to Milwaukee for cash considerations.  Gee, not even a specific amount?
**The Rockies traded RHP Luis Perdomo to San Diego for a player to be named or cash considerations.  Yeah, anybody that's handy or look, just send me a few bucks instead.
**San Diego acquired OF Jabari Blash from Oakland to complete an earlier trade.  C'mon, we must have been involved in a trade sometime.
**The Cubs traded Starlin Castro to the Yanks for Adam Warren and a player to be named later, presumed to be Brendan Ryan. How's that supposed to make Ryan feel? He's such a secondary part, they don't even name him in the trade.
**Cincinnati designated LHP Jayson Aquino for assignment.  Yeah, we're getting rid of him, we just haven't decided how.
**Milwaukee announced the names of four coaches for next year.  Nobody will trade with us so we'll just hire coaches.

The Orioles, who made an offer of $150 million over seven years for Chris Davis, have pulled back the offer. I guess the check didn't clear. 

This weekend, ESPN will publish an article naming winners and losers among the teams. I wonder is Scott Boras is eligible?

College Football Bowl Games 
There are actually 43 bowl games this year and 84 teams. And EVERY ONE is on national TV, as many as six in one day. There are five other days when there are four or more on.There are so many, they're running out of names. They're running out of teams, too. It used to be, if your record was 10-3, you had a chance to be in a bowl. Now, at 5-7, you're in. The Liberty Bowl features two teams with 11 losses between them. The Independence Bowl teams have 12 losses.
If the local team can't get an invitation, no problem. Start your own bowl. The Military Bowl in Annapolis has Navy in it. Big surprise there. The Texas Bowl has Texas Tech, the Miami Beach Bowl (in Miami, of course) has South Florida. The New Mexico Bowl has New Mexico. You get the idea, right?
Naturally, you'd expect that money would play a big part in the bowl lineup. There's the TaxSlayer Bowl in Jacksonville. You would have to assume that some accountants were behind this one.
There's the Belk Bowl. What's a Belk? Anyone know? Yeah, me neither. Since no one knows, maybe the teams are the Hoyas vs. the Nittany Lions. We don't know what they are, either.
There is the Russell Athletic Bowl. That's got to be tough to get sponsors for that one. "C'mon. Don't you want to be an athletic supporter?"

"A man in Lincoln, Neb., has started a magazine about prison convicts. We already have that, it’s called Sports Illustrated"  -- Brad Dickson
"One of Google’s computer-driven cars was pulled over in California for going too slow. To mark the occasion, they christened it Danica Patrick."  -- RJ Currie
"Douglas Tompkins, 72, who founded North Face clothing, died of hypothermia after his kayak capsized in southern Chile."  -- Janice Hough  [This is a true story - CP]
" Jahlil Okafor of the 76’ers reportedly tried to use a fake ID at a Philadelphia bar in October. The bartender became suspicious when the name on it read ‘Johnny Manziel’"  -- Bill Littlejohn
"A 19-year-old named Bud Weisser was arrested for trespassing at the Budweiser brewery in St. Louis. Coincidence? Every Jack Daniels in town is suddenly under police surveillance in Lynchburg, Tenn."  -- Dwight Perry
"The Steelers' Antonio Brown performed something that's being called a "crotch leap" into the goal post after scoring a touchdown. For some reason I doubt lots of players will be emulating this."  -- Brad Dickson
"Russian hockey player Sergei Gusev just finished a six-month ban for doping. You may recall Gusev: last winter playing river hockey he got a breakaway and wasn’t seen for three days."  -- RJ Currie
"The Phillies have traded their closer, Ken Giles, to the Astros. Well, at least this means Giles might actually start having some games to close."  -- Janice Hough
"It is reported that Manny Ramirez has three sons also named Manny. A reporter called the Ramirez house for comment, but after speaking to three Mannys he still hasn’t gotten hold of the right one."  -- Brad Dickson


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