Sunday, September 27, 2015


"Better cut that pizza into four slices. I don't think I can eat six"  -- Yogi Berra   

The Yanks won yesterday without really hitting. Headley hit a long double into left center to drive in one run, and A-Rod hit a hard grounder which Mike Olt (Is his last name missing a letter?) failed to catch at third for the second run. That's it except for five other harmless singles.  That's the Yankee's current offense. I've said it before and I'll say it again: if they hit, they win, because the pitching has been pretty good.
How did John Danks allow A-Rod to steal second yesterday? A-Rod is not the slowest man on the team, that title probably belongs to McCann now that Teixeira is running on one leg (It's hard to tell, isn't it?). I think four steals is a bigger deal for him than the 32 homers he's hit.
The word is that Girardi will be playing a lot of his rookies the next few games, first, to see what they've got, but also to rest some of the regulars. Now if they would only put a block on his telephone line to the bullpen, the Yanks ought to be in decent shape for the playoffs.

I see my favorite whipping boy Joe West is at if again. He had a big stare down with Madison Baumgartner the other day. The only purpose had to be Joe showing everybody that HE is the most important person on the field. This kind of childish behavior will continue until MLB steps in and starts suspending him or fining him or both.

The AL Wild card race is a doozy with the Angels, Astros and the Twins all in the mix. I have to think that the Angels have the best shot because of the experienced players they have.

Headline on ESPN the other day: Red Sox to Evaluate Sandoval. I can only assume they'll start with his weight which is a perennial problem with the Big Panda. The Red Sox offseason pickups, Sandoval, Ramirez and Porcello haven't worked out the way the Sox hoped.

In the NL, it's been a long time since we've had a New York-Los Angeles post-season series. Both teams have great pitching, but right now, the Mets are hitting better than the Dodgers.

It's possible that we could have two Los Angeles teams and two New York teams in the playoffs, and network executives are salivating. When the Dodgers play, I hope, I pray, that the networks use Vin Scully in the broadcast booth. Knowing the lack of baseball acumen of those bigwigs, this may be a long shot.

There are always surprises in the season, but the biggest has to be the demise of the Washington Nationals. They had great pitching, great hitters and great potential, but it turns out all they ended out with is great disappointment.

Joe Juranitch, the Viking who rides the motorcycle in a viking costume at the games won't be returning after demanding a raise from his current salary of $1500/game to - get this - $20,000. Who does he think he is? A player? An owner? Joe West?

"A 105-year-old man from Japan has set an age group record in the 100-meter dash — 42 seconds. If it turns out PEDs were involved, I officially give up.Just the fact he got out of the starting blocks is impressive."  -- Brad Dickson
"Army has a wideout named Edgar Allan Poe. I wonder if he will get drafted by the Baltimore Ravens."  -- Jack Finarelli
"TCU defensive end Mike Tuaua and backup wide receiver Andre Petties-Wilson were arrested in Fort Worth on suspicion of accosting a fellow student and stealing his case of Keystone Light. They face charges of robbery, bodily injury and questionable taste in beer."  -- Dwight Perry
"I am a bit concerned about some areas of the Nebraska team. For example, I’m pretty sure Abe Vigoda could get open on the Husker pass defense."  -- Brad Dickson
"Lucien Favre, coach of Germany’s winless Borussia Moenchengladbach soccer team, resigned just five games into the Bundesliga season. In other words, faster than you can say “Borussia Moenchengladbach.”  -- Dwight Perry
"Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch filmed an entire Pepsi ad without speaking. Out of habit, Roger Goodell fined him.”  -- Janice Hough
" MMA fighter Monique Bastos held a would-be robber in a triangle headlock awaiting police for 15 minutes. Or about 14 minutes longer than a Ronda Rousey match."  -- RJ Currie
"A woman gave birth at San Diego’s Petco Park during last Thursday’s Giants-Padres game. No word on whether the pitching coaches helped her with her delivery."  -- Dwight Perry
" New Milwaukee Brewers backup catcher Nevin Ashley has a wife named Ashley who took his name. That’s true love when a woman agrees to being Ashley Ashley."  -- Brad Dickson
"Broadcaster Mike Tirico reported that Jets coach Todd Bowles, who played DB for Washington, represents “the first time the Jets have had a former NFL player as their head coach.” In the world that existed B.E. — before ESPN — Jets head coaches Walt Michaels, Joe Walton, Rich Kotite and Bruce Coslet combined to play in more than 400 NFL games."  -- Phil Mushnick.
If  RJ has the guts to publish this, the least I can do is repeat it:
Yesterday my wife tried a new spot remover. Today we can’t find our dog."  -- RJ Currie


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