Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy Hallucinations to the Delusional Fans of The Great & Powerful HairBag.

Television journalism? I shudder whenever I hear those two words, sandwiched together, suggesting that it’s a real thing - when clearly it is a figment of a cable executive’s overactive imagination.

Thanks to mislabeled cable‘news’ outlets (CNN, FoxNews) The Great & Powerful HairBag who has the support of less than 1/4 of a minority party’s chauvinist, war-mongering, wall-building, gun-toting base has been elevated to FRONT RUNNER status  in a presidential election that is 15 months away. 

Sports ’journalism’ ala ESPN and its multiple sub-channels, is equally sad. Every outlet has one story; Tom Brady, Tom Brady, Tom Brady. Day after day we are treated to an endless rehash of one of the greatest So What, Who Cares stories of the year. 

We know the devastating impact that repeated blows to the head have on football players. I can only surmise, given the quality of the drivel they produce, that television ‘journalists’ have secretly been bashing in their own noggins with a very large hammer behind closed doors. 

I do have compassion for team beat reporters. After watching Crash Davis (Kevin Costner) instruct Nuke LaLoosh (Tim Robbins) how to answer major league sports writers’ question, you know the answer to every question that will ever be asked in a pre- or post-game interview.

The good news for sports fans, regardless of the outcome of any game (or the philosophical wiseacring of any and every sports ‘journalist’ ) the results will have absolutely no meaningful impact on your life.

The same can’t be said of the infotainers that elevate The Great & Powerful HairBag and the other fifteen occupants of the GOP Presidential Candidate Clown Car to ‘serious’ people.

I know, Chad. Something about baseball…

Well, at least for one glorious day in New York - 
The Bird, Bird, Bird
The Bird is the word.

Ride fast, take chances - Z. Vod

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