Thursday, August 20, 2015

2:10 AM
Another fabulous idea brought to you by the GOP Presidential Candidate Clown Car!
If John Kasich was Ruler of the Universe, teachers would no longer be allowed a clandestine space away from their students. 
That’s right, he’d ban teachers’ lounges.
Make working conditions worse to improve education. Brillant!
2:27 AM
How naive of me to think that GOP Presidential Pretender John Kaisich would so easily win the Dumb-Ass Statement of the Day award. 
Ben Carson, currently in 2nd place to Candidate Hair-Bag in the Pretender Polls has taken the immigration debate to an insane new low - suggesting drone strikes at the border. 
According to Carson, drone strikes would be far cheaper than building the Great Wall of Trump, central to the immigration 'policy' of the Great and Wonderful Hair-Bag. (The G&W Hair-Bag imports most of his xenophobic policy ideas from the Peoples Republic of China. While they are cheap and always available at Wal-Mart, their quality is suspect.)
Is this GOP race of the outrageously stupid a SNL skit gone horribly wrong????
And in better news, the Yankees sweep the Twins. 
Yup, it's mid-August and time for baseball.

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