Sunday, July 05, 2015


The Yankees are finding new ways to win ballgames. Walk-off homers, walk-off throwing errors - they even went so far as to give up a tying 2-run homer in the ninth inning just to have one of those bouncing celebrations at home plate, complete with the obligatory Gatorade dunking. It is odd to see the celebration center around a pinch-runner, though. "Way to run, big guy!" I am surprised they didn't give Girardi a bath for making the bold move of substituting a pinch-runner for his best hitter and best fielder. It was so bold, I was in the process of booking a flight to New York to punch Girardi in the nose personally. I guess his nose is safe for another day.

##  Continuing my anti-sportscasters rantWhy did David Cone feel it necessary to spend 2 minutes (which seemed like 10 minutes) explaining the length of a pitcher's stride and the effect it had on a pitch? Plus, he repeated himself twice, complete with videos and pictures to demonstrate his point. Coney is a self-professed cybernetics geek, but really, how technical can you get?  Instead of spending millions and millions of dollars on over-the-hill players, why not spend $50 or $60 million and buy Vin Scully from the Dodgers?  Even for just the rest of the season. Dump all these ex-jocks and send Michael Kay over to radio. The only bad part of this is that my Dodger-crazy sister-in-law Pauline would probably never speak to me again.

##  The Yankees are pushing for four players to make the All-Star team: Gardner, Betances, Teixeira and A-Rod. I hope none of them make it because I don't want them to take the chance on getting hurt. I know, I know, Yankee fans that read this are currently spitting on the screen, but let's see how you feel if Tex was to re-injure his wrist. Would it be worth it just to get home field advantage in the World Series? Nope! Betances probably will make it and I guess that's deserved.
Praise continues to be heaped on A-Rod for his surprising production and he has done well with the homers and RBI's, but don't read too much into that batting average. He's gotten an inordinate amount of bloop singles and seeing-eye ground ball hits. It's fine when they drive in a run, but mostly they just artificially inflate his average.

##  Pete Rose was on the Fox Sports panel after yesterday's game and it only took two minutes before Annie-O spoke up: "Boy, Pete Rose is really obnoxious." Welcome to the club, sweetheart.

##  Miguel Cabrera went on the DL yesterday for  6 weeks at least.  .350 average, 15 homers and 54 RBIs. To say the Tigers will miss him is a vast understatement. Detroit churches are filled to overflowing with people lighting votive candles for Miggy. 

##  Angels manager Mike Sciocia and former GM Jerry Dipoto, had a difference of opinion on how the team should be run, with Dipoto feeling that Sciocia and his staff didn't give enough support to the statistical analysis that he provided, with Sciocia tempering them with his own "baseball knowledge." Teams are giving more and more credence to trends and historical data that has become available because of computers. But how far do you go? Who was the top pitcher in last year's World Series? It was Madison Baumgarner. Here's Madbum's take on preparation: "I don't do the scouting thing. I've tried it. It just worked against me. I would be out there thinking of what I can't do instead of what I can."  (I hope David Cone doesn't read this.)

"The U.S. and Japanese national teams are heart-broken that FIFA President Sepp Blatter has decided to watch the final tonight from Switzerland.       The FBI is disappointed, too."  --  Jeremy Schaap
"Alabama commit Eddy Pineiro posted a video on Twitter of himself kicking a 73-yard field goal in practice. It was then run back for a touchdown by an Auburn commit."  -- Brad Dickson
"Happy Fourth of July, where we celebrate USA independence by waving flags and shooting off fireworks that mostly are made in China."  -- Janice Hough
" Cleveland quarterback Johnny Manziel said he was “a bit of a distraction” last season. That’s like Wilt Chamberlain saying he was a bit of a flirt."  -- RJ Currie
"Happy birthday to Broncos Hall of Fame QB John Elway, who turned 55 on Sunday. Many more of these, and "The Drive" will include leaving his left blinker on."  -- Dwight Perry
"Texas A & M won’t be joining rival Texas in selling beer and wine at games. Our athletic program has not reached the point where we require the numbing effects of alcohol."  -- John Sharp, Chancellor
"The U.S. and Cuba restoring diplomatic ties is expected to lead to one million Cuban people coming here. And those are just the shortstops."  -- Brad Dickson
"One of Tom Brady's Deflategate balls is up for auction with bids starting at $25,000. Doesn't that seem inflated"  -- RJ Currie
" Philadelphia Phillies’ manager, Ryne Sandberg announced he is resigning and leaving the team. And Phillies’ season ticket holders are thinking “you can do that?”  -- Janice Hough
"I’m going to be on worldwide television this weekend. You can’t miss me. Look for a crazed Oriental dude at the Women’s World Cup with a vuvazela."  -- TC Chong
" How bad is my yard looking? So bad, I think I could host a British Open.”  -- Cam Hutchinson
"Three-fourths of American high-school students flunked geography on a recent standardized test, The Boston Globe reported. Considering the NFL thinks Dallas is in the East, Indianapolis is in the South and St. Louis is in the West — well, is it any wonder?"  -- Dwight Perry
" Yankees broadcasters now mostly ignore Alex Rodriguez’s career totals as drug-aided the way they mostly ignored Robinson Cano’s disinclination to run to first — until he left for Seattle."  -- Phil Mushnick
"Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona told reporters he once ate 17 Popsicles in a single night. This is how it always seems to go for Cleveland pro sports fans. You think you’re getting Earl Weaver, and you wind up with Joey Chestnut."  -- Brad Dickson


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